The Two Most Important Concepts to Understand about Goal Setting

Since most of my readers have discovered this blog in the last few months, that means many of you weren’t around last year when I did a 30-day series where I blogged every single day with habit tips for the 7 spokes of the wheel of life. I thought today was appropriate to provide a recap of those posts and give you links to them in case there’s a certain area of your life you are looking to improve this coming year.

First off, let’s chat about what the 7 Spokes are and why they matter. The 7 spokes are personal (self-care), mental, physical, spiritual, family, career, and financial. If any one of these spokes are low, it will hold back all of the other areas. (Side note: If you want a free download of a Wheel of Life and directions on how to analyze for yourself where your strengths and areas of growth are, just download the free e-book Create Peace at the bottom of this page)

For many years I struggled with missing certain goals over and over again, and had this feeling like I was stuck. Finally, I was introduced to the Wheel of Life and realized that I couldn’t make headway because I had a flat tire. My negligence to get certain parts of my life in order was holding back the areas where I wanted to find more success. It’s all intertwined.

As I shared in the “Before you set your 2021 goals” post, a key component in goal setting is habits. True success occurs when we change something we do daily. Habits are the difference maker between creating sustainable life changes or just sprinting and reverting back.

So, what are the two most important concepts to understand about goal setting? Habits and the seven spokes. Creating healthy habits in each of your spokes and continuing to adjust them as your seasons and circumstances change will be some of the most important decisions you make.

In this series, I highlighted habits within each spoke to help inspire others to look at the habits in their own lives and reflect on areas of growth. My hope is that one or more of these posts may be helpful to you as your create your intentions for 2021.

December 2019 Daily Series Posts:

Day 1: Mental Spoke: Gratitude

Day 2: Physical Spoke: Sleep

Day 3: Spiritual Spoke: Meditation

Day 4: Financial Spoke: Using a Budgeting App

Day 5: Personal/Self-Care Spoke: Friendships

Day 6: Career Spoke: Knowing Your Strengths

Day 7: Family Spoke: Respecting Boundaries

Day 8: Mental Spoke: Podcasting

Day 9: Physical Spoke: Drink More Water

Day 10: Spiritual Spoke: Follow the Peace

Day 11: Financial Spoke: Debt is Not an Option

Day 12: Personal/Self-Care Spoke: Understanding Self-Love

Day 13: Career Spoke: Persistent Consistency

Day 14: Family Spoke: Philanthropy

Day 15: Bonus Spoke! (Philanthropy)

Day 16: Mental Spoke: Bathroom Quotes

Day 17: Physical Spoke: Eating Whole Foods

Day 18: Spiritual Spoke: Everything is Spiritual

Day 19: Personal/Self-Care: No News

Day 20: Career Spoke: Daily Big 3

Day 21: Financial Spoke: We’re Debt Free!

Day 22: Family Spoke: Dinner Table

Day 23: Mental Spoke: Mindfulness

Day 24: Physical Spoke: No Food Shaming

Day 25: Spiritual Spoke: Leaping

Day 26: Personal/Self-Care Spoke: Retreating

Day 27: All Spokes: Daily 10 Year Goals

Day 28: All Spokes: Minimalism

Day 29: Mental Spoke: Cell Phone Wall Paper

Day 30: Personal/Self-Care- Book Recommendations

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