Day 10- Spiritual Spoke: Follow the Peace

Day: 10

Spoke: Spiritual

Habit: Follow the Peace

I’ve written and deleted this post three times. I can’t seem to find the words to explain this experience well, and I think it’s because it doesn’t take many words.

This quote says it all.

When I decided to find my peace and arrange my life in such a way that it’s conducive to maintaining it, I took control of my life. I work really intentionally on the habit to not allow the bad driver on the road, the attitude of another person, or someone’s behavior to rob my peace.

I am responsible for putting together practices and routines that help me maintain my peace. Beyond that, I am just observing others. When I’m tempted to allow someone else’s actions to rob my peace, I try to quickly regroup and reflect on how I can handle this to restore my peace and manage the situation, if taking action is even beneficial.

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