The book alone can inspire the reader to take tangible steps toward transformation, but the journal holds the keys to unlocking all the unknowns sitting beneath the surface. The combo set is recommended for anyone seeking powerful personal transformation.

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Learn how to walk away from the “should” and “supposed to” thoughts that hold us back, and step into the unique path that only you are called to walk.

Unleash Your Favorite Self is a book that flips the narrative upside down. The ownership is returned to you to declare your own value system, desires, wants, and pleasures. It’s time to change the conversation. Gone are the days of listening to people model perfection and a formula for how to do life. Words like “successful” and “best self” have dominated the dialogue for too long. Not anymore. No one else can tell you what your favorite version is of anything, including your life. The author shares the tools that have been most helpful in her clients’ transformations. She brings them to life through her own personal journey so that you will be inspired to begin the process of unleashing your favorite self.

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Discover Your Inner Wisdom. Unleash Your Favorite Self.

Everything you need is already inside of you. The challenging part for most people is learning how to get the wisdom that is sitting deep down inside to rise to the surface. Your Favorite Self Journal is a guided experience to help you pull out the life-changing guidance you already possess. This guided journal experience was designed to accompany the book Unleash Your Favorite Self, but can also stand alone as its own experience.