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Sophia Hyde is a high energy speaker who has a gift of connecting with the audience. She is able to speak to the best inside everyone, and inspire them into transformation.

Her new book Unleash Your Favorite Self: Awaken Who You Desire to Be guides people through powerful transformation. Her corresponding presentation (Unleash Your Favorite Self Workshop) takes the audience through a journey of self-discovery. She is a highly engaging speaker who uses an interactive presentation to help each attendee define what they truly want out of life and clarify what’s holding them back from releasing that version of themselves into the world.

What is favorite self?

For far too long, we have been focused on messages around defining “success” or “living our best life.” But the connotations of how society defines these words may not align with our personal desires and values. We keep looking for answers “out there” as if there is an expert who can tell us what we need to know.

The reality is, we do already know. Who we truly are, what we really want, and the plan we need to follow to get there are already inside each of us. Those answers are sitting underneath layers upon layers of messages we have received over a lifetime. Our messages come from our cultures, our families, our schools, our mentors, and any anywhere else. The work is uncovering all of the “shoulds” that have been dumped on us by others and feeling free to live as our favorite self in the world. The only connotation of the word favorite is that we define it.

The Life Wheel

Sophia uses the Favorite Life Wheel to help the audience discover how each area of our lives is interconnected. Often times we are treating the symptoms instead of the root cause. The Favorite Life Wheel helps the audience discover which area of their lives may need more intention from them if they are going to get unstuck.

Where are most people stuck?

In over half of her clients, Sophia has found that the self-care spoke is the number one area holding them back. In a short period of time, Sophia can help the audience have a paradigm shift around the definition of self-care and the role it plays in their lives. It’s not about pampering; it’s about energy management. When we try to give from a place of exhaustion, it will hold us back at work, in our relationships and in our health. Learning practical changes they can make to their self-care practice can forever change the audience’s quality of life.

Do you want to get different results?

Do you want different results for yourself or for your organization? It’s important to understand how results are created.

Our thoughts determine our feelings.

Our feelings determine our behaviors.

Our behaviors determine our results.

Change your thoughts, you change your results.

Using a tool called the Thought Wheel, Sophia will teach the room how to use their feelings to tap into their thoughts and reframe their mindset. This tool equips individuals to discover for themselves what is limiting their potential.


“Sophia’s workshop was a very good use of my time. As a single mother & business owner, I have several things I need to work on. Sophia helped me organize those thoughts and gave me a way to get control of my life.” -Jennifer Girling, Financial Adviser

“Sophia is an enigmatic speaker and presenter, yet down-to-earth and relatable. Her willingness to expose her own vulnerabilities really connects with her audience – making her successes feel achievable. Her motivational manner combined with her clear communication skills gives rise to hope and opens a clear path for positive growth even in the most cluttered or tired of minds.” -Mags Oldman, Client Services

“The workshop helped me zero in on the places where I am stuck in my life — places where I didn’t even know needed work. I learned what area to focus on that can have ripple effects to other parts of my life.” -Amy Metz, Marketing Consultant

“Sophia’s messaging was on point and relevant. Practical tools that can be used immediately. Well worth my time!” -Courtney Paat, State Farm Insurance Agent


Impact on Organizations

Every single individual in an organization is a leader, whether or not they hold a title. If they are only leading themselves; it’s still an important responsibility.

Their behaviors, mindset, values, and words have a powerful impact on everyone else they interact with each day. Whether they are communicating with their boss, team members or customers, their energy is felt by everyone they encounter. When one person, regardless what their title, comes in with a negative mindset and lacking hope, they will pull down a culture as quick as a wild fire in a dry summer forest.

The most powerful way to create transformation in an organization is to create transformation in an individual. Sophia’s personalized approach to goal setting, self-care, and mindset, empower each person to have a newfound hope in their ability to create their deepest desires. She provides simple tools with very small, tangible next steps to enable people to immediately begin making changes that allow them to take their power back.

Imagine an organization where everyone understands the importance of a full night’s rest, caring for their body, setting and holding boundaries, managing their minds and no longer giving from a place of exhaustion. The end result will be less burnout, more creativity, more kindness and more efficiency.

Sophia’s goal in every organization she partners with is to empower everyone with the necessary tools to grow their Life Wheel. When everyone on a team has a wheel that is stable, strong, and growing, they have forward motion. When the people get unstuck, the organization gets unstuck.

If you want to show your team that you care about them, bring Sophia in to spend a couple hours with them. They will leave feeling nurtured and ready to solve the immediate problems they are facing.

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