About Sophia Hyde

After experiencing first-hand what it was like to struggle with overwhelm, work-life balance, and constant guilt, all while quietly going through financial and health stress, Sophia was determined to find a better way to live. In order to unleash her favorite self into the world, she first had to spend years shedding all the “shoulds” the world had layered on her shoulders. Sophia discovered that all the answers she was looking for “out there” had been inside her all along.

Sophia now spends her days helping others create the lives they desire. As a Certified Master Life Coach with ADHD, Sophia specializes in empowering individuals to find their joy while achieving their goals. She offers one-on-one mentorship for a limited number of folks alongside her online courses, live events, and other resources.

She hosts the weekly podcast Your Favorite Self where she teaches practical ways to apply these principles to day-to-day life, as well as featuring guests who embody the favorite self concept.

Her app, Favorite Self, has resources to help you take this work deeper. The free resources mentioned in this book can be found there. She also offers guided meditations to help you rest, create calm, and look within for answers.

Fun fact, she LOVES speaking engagements. Sophia believes in the power of sharing her journey and knowledge with live audiences. Her passion for inspiring change and transformation is palpable, and her speaking engagements are not to be missed. If you’re looking for a dynamic and engaging speaker to inspire and empower your audience, consider booking Sophia for your next event.

Connecting with Sophia is easy. She loves engaging with others on social media where she regularly shares tips, motivational stories, and exclusive content to help you on your path to inner freedom.

Sophia lives in her hometown of Plant City, Florida with her husband and two children surrounded by extended family and her beloved community.

How to Work with Sophia Hyde

If you would like help defining what you want your favorite life looks like and then bringing that vision to reality, book a free strategy session with Sophia