About the coach

I believe we are all capable of living a peaceful life, and it starts from within. We can create a safe, stable home for ourselves that serves as a solid foundation to weather any storm life may present.

My Story

In 2011, I hit my breaking point. I was working over 80 hours a week, burning the candle at both ends and making no time for my self-care or the relationships most important to me. I was carrying around an extra thirty pounds and constantly feeling exhausted. My husband and I were drowning in over $100,000 in debt that we couldn’t see a way out of, and I was waking up everyday having to go to a job I didn’t love.

In what could only be described as divine intervention, I spontaneously decided to take a one week sabbatical and press the pause button on life. I spent a week in voluntary isolation at home, in  silence. This decision to pause and listen was the beginning of a brand new journey.

I set a new course, executed the vision and now have a burning desire to help others who also feel there has to be more to life than the hamster wheel.

My husband and I created the life that once felt out-of-reach. On most days, it is filled with peace and calm, but it didn’t used to be. There were never enough hours in the day. Our net worth was growing in the wrong direction, and our dream life was feeling unrealistic.

For some people, success is defined as a luxury vehicle, home and wardrobe. For others, success is defined by intangibles. I define success as loving the life you live, loving the people you share it with, and most importantly, loving yourself.  I set out to create this for myself and find a way to teach it to others.

Using the principles of the Ziglar Wheel of Life, I transformed my life. I aligned my priorities with my habits. Now, I use those same principles to guide others. As a Ziglar-certified coach, I am trained on how to help others define what peace-of-mind looks like to them and customize a plan to help them get there.