They Just Need to Put on Sunglasses

Did you know that you have a glass ceiling of joy? That most likely YOU are self-imposing? Several years ago I read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. I had so many aha-moments that I have re-read it several times since. (And highly recommend it to everyone.) 

In his book, Hendricks says that we have all created a limitation for how much joy we feel worthy of experiencing, and unless we intentionally overcome it, we will always self-sabotage to keep ourselves within our comfort zone. 

One of the main things holding us back from experiencing more joy in life and achieving greater success is linked to our hidden barriers. 

I had an experience with bullying in the 8th grade. Losing all my friends at age 14 went on to fundamentally change how I interacted in the world. 

The short version of the story was that I was class president and editor-in-chief of the yearbook staff while continuously making straight A’s and achieving perfect attendance. Whereas I believed that the more successful and smart I was, the more people would like me, the reality was it had the opposite effect. 

A group of girls decided to use rumors to take me down. It became “cool” to not like Sophia and people would pretend I was invisible. The turning point was when a girl told me,

“I’m actually really smart, but I don’t let people know because people like to feel good about themselves. So if they think they’re smarter than me, they will like me more.” 

In that very vulnerable moment of my youth, I took her words as gospel. I tested it out and it worked. I applied it in high school and beyond, and it worked.

“Don’t be too successful and you will make everyone around you feel more comfortable.” 

It was Hendrick’s book that helped me to realize how this experience created a “fear of outshining” in me, and why for the rest of my life I continued to stay at just above mediocrity so as to not make others feel uncomfortable in my presence. 

I would love to say that 4 years later I have overcome this fear, but the reality is, I have not. It’s happening at such a subconscious level in me that it truly takes intention to recognize it and a conscious effort to push past it. I am a work in progress and constantly trying to remind myself that I am worthy of success. My comfort zone has become second place, and I am still trying to push past my fears and lean into my potential. 

What is your glass ceiling? How are you holding yourself back from your greatest potential? In Hendrick’s book he spells out the four hidden barriers:

Hidden Barrier One: Feeling Fundamentally Flawed: You feel that something is wrong with you.

Hidden Barrier Two: Disloyalty and Abandonment: This is a belief that achieving success essentially means you have to leave your tribe.

Hidden Barrier Three: Believing that More Success Brings a Bigger Burden. This fear will immobilize you because you believe that the life you create will burden others and triggers the emotion of guilt.

Hidden Barrier Four: The Crime of Outshining: You believe that if you become too successful you will make others look bad.

In 2016 when I listened to this book on Audible, I started weeping as I drove down the road and learned about the “crime of outshining.” I had suppressed that 8th grade memory, but I immediately knew I had internalized it. Ever since, I have been working on giving myself permission to shine brightly. I often encourage myself by saying,

“If my light makes them feel uncomfortable, then they just need to put on sunglasses.” 

What barrier is holding you back? Do any of the four listed above resonate with you? What fears do you actively have to overcome? 

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Inspiring Through Imperfection

This quote came across my Instagram stories last week, “You don’t inspire others by being perfect. You inspire them by how you deal with your imperfections.” 

Immediately, I resonated with it at a very deep level. I had never been able to put language to what I was trying to create with this blog and in my coaching business, but this line said it all. If you have followed my content for any length of time, then you know I regularly interweave my mistakes with the lessons that accompanied them. My desire is to teach by walking alongside you, not by standing behind a podium on a platform pretending to have it all figured out. 

So with that said, it’s time to circle back to a post from December, where we discussed the three recommendations to effective goal setting. As a recap, the three principles were: 

  • Don’t set goals, solve problems
  • Focus on the habits
  • Have an abundance of love and grace 

We are now six weeks into the new year, and chances are your goal chart is not trending perfectly up and to the right. Most of you have probably hit some bumps in the road. Let’s talk about those. Since I know most people learn best through stories, we will discuss the bumps through my own personal experiences in the first six weeks of 2021. 

At the beginning of the year I set 9 goals for 2021, but knew I could not tackle them all at once. They needed to be handled a few at a time.

For this year, the spokes that needed to most attention were: 

  • Financial
    • Upgrading from a sedan to a minivan (Also a family spoke goal)
    • Finishing our 6 month emergency fund (we began the year with 2 months)
    • Saving money toward a home upgrade (having 1 bathroom for a family of 4 has its moments 😉 
  • Family 
    • Finishing our home renovations so we can list our house 
    • Capturing more photos and videos of my children (At 2 and 7 their childhood is in its prime and I want to treasure these days) 
  • Health
    • Lose 20 pounds by prioritizing daily exercise and cleaner eating (long list of the reasons why I want to do this. They are all health benefits and quality of life connected. I love my body as she is, and want to take better care of her)
  • Self-Care
    • Prioritize stress management outlets
  • Career
    • Transition to full time coaching 
  • Mental & Spiritual 
    • Prioritize my meditation practice daily

It’s important for me to share my list of goals with you so that the rest of the content makes more sense. 

It’s not wise to tackle all the goals at once. I knew I needed to pick three to focus specifically on for quarter 1 so the rest could fall into place over the course of the year. 

For January, I decided to tackle my morning routine because it’s a foundational habit. It would help the mental, spiritual and physical goals that I set, which I believed would set me up for success everywhere else. 

However, I hit some major roadblocks. Oftentimes, when trying to create new habits, we discover other habits that must first be addressed in order to create the space for the new habit to develop. 

In my attempt to wake up earlier, I needed to go to bed earlier. In my attempt to go to bed earlier, I discovered just how much I had gotten accustomed to doing after the children went to bed. My 2020 routine had been to have the children in bed by 8pm and then I would sleep 11pm-7am. Trying to shift to a 5am wake up call meant a 9pm bedtime. 

I truly thought I could do it on January 1st. However, as the month progressed, I realized that so many other spokes were getting completely neglected. I had created space in that time for my writing, cleaning my house, quality time with my husband and stress decompression. Going to bed earlier, so I could put new things into my morning routine that weren’t already in my life, proved to not be sustainable for me. 

Something had to give, somewhere. 

I already knew my plate was full and at maximum capacity. I told that to people regularly. However, I had convinced myself I could squeeze in some new habits. The truth was, I definitely could not. So what was going to go? Something could no longer fit. 

The middle to end of January looked messy as I powered through deadlines and projects and intentionally let things fall through the cracks while my husband and I discussed a sustainable solution. 

I had to shift the order I planned to accomplish my goals. 

On January 1, the map I made for my year slated my career changes for Q3. I believed I could keep growing this business on the side of a career and make the leap later. Two weeks into the new year I proved I was wrong. 

We re-evaluated the goals and realized that one goal on the list of 9 could be THE catalyst of change in every other area. The career spoke. 

In 2020, my schedule looked like working a full time job for 40-50 hours a week, and then running this blog and coaching business for an average of 10 hours per week. If you go back and reread that list of 9 goals, imagine how much easier they would all be to accomplish if I transitioned into a career that allowed me to add back in 10-20 hours a week to my other spokes AND increased my income significantly. 

I had to pivot. 

I paused my January intentions of mastering my morning routine and set to figure out how to make the transition. And today, as I write this blog, I’m in that messy middle. I am working with the leadership at my dayjob to find a replacement and train her/him while I tie up any loose ends. Simultaneously, I am building a strong foundation for what is to come in the near future. 

As I sit here in mid-February with none of my habits completely successful, I have the power to choose the story I tell myself. I know that I cannot yet check any boxes and declare one accomplished, but I can see that the stage is being set and preparations are underway. 

Have you hit any roadblocks on your journey to accomplish your goals? What solutions are working for you? How are you overcoming the obstacles? 

Do you realize you still have the power to accomplish everything you intended? What can you learn from what DIDN’T work last month? How can you be empowered by that experience instead of discouraged? 

We Only Judge Other for What We Judge Ourselves

We only judge others for what we judge ourselves.

I was first told these words in college. A professor quoted it like it was common knowledge, and yet it hit me like a ton of bricks. I tossed that quote around in my brain to see if it was actually applicable.

At that particular moment in my life, there were two people getting under my skin. One was in a different class of mine and the other attended my church. Just being in their presence would make my skin crawl. They were like nails on a chalkboard.

I paused and thought of these two people, one male and one female. They actually had a lot in common. They had similar physical builds and their personalities were not too different. What did this tell me about myself?

First of all, they were both loud, boisterous and sought attention.

Ouch. Way to look at myself in the mirror. I had spent many years being told I was too much, too loud, too passionate, too excited, too blunt. Too too too too too all the things. I was regularly being told I should “tone it down” in some area of my life or another. And here were these two people, loud and proud for the whole world to see.

Secondly, they were both overweight. This sentence right here is the sole reason I have yet to write this blog post. I feared people judging me for judging them. I feared potential back lash from my honesty. But when I try to rewrite this and find some other way to describe the second trait, it just sounds like words stumbling all over each other.

The reality of the situation was that I had been deeply insecure about my weight since elementary school. I was the largest kid in my class from third through sixth grade. I had insults thrown at me in middle school centered around my weight. And lucky for me, puberty took care of a lot of the weight loss. But it still left me a size 10/12 through high school when all my friends toggled between 0 and 00.

I felt so insecure about my body that I literally told myself the most ridiculous stories in my head about why everything I wanted that I couldn’t have was because of my weight. I blamed the lack of a boyfriend, a D on a biology test, certain people not liking me and so much more on my physical appearance. In retrospect, obviously none if it had absolutely anything to do with the size jeans I owned, but my adolescent brain wasn’t mature enough to see that truth.

So sitting there at 20 years old, judging this girl who sat across the room from me in my communications class, I realized my frustration had nothing to do with her, and everything to do with me. She was mirroring back at me my deepest insecurities.

It was a heavy dose of humble pie.

To this day I am so grateful for those lessons. I wish I could say I have never judged another human since, but we both know that would be straight up lying. At least now I run it through a filter of compassion. I ask myself “what does it say about me that I would look down on him/her?”

In reality, this is probably why in my writing, you will find a trend of the word grace appearing over and over and over again. The more grace we give ourselves, the more compassion we can share with others. The more we acknowledge our own insecurities and find a way to love ourselves through them, or even because of them, the easier it becomes to love others’ imperfections.

After all, we only judge others for what we judge ourselves.

Grace and peace my friends,

Sophia Hyde


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What to do when you have a miss

Beginning April 7, I released a blog once a week for 42 straight weeks. After over a decade of desiring to be a consistent blogger, I proved to myself I could do it. I made a commitment and saw it through.

And then last week I did not.

It was the first time I missed a post in 43 weeks.

Behind the scenes, I was juggling an intense workload and a massive amount of moving parts in my personal life.

When it got to the point I realized I could not carve out time for my writing, I had an opportunity.

Whenever anything happens we are not expecting, we have an opportunity.
I had 100% full control over the story I attached to that circumstance. The story I chose to attach would affect my emotional response. My emotional response would affect my mood, and my ability to perform at a high level in all the other facets of my life.

In the moment where I realized I had too heavy a load to carry and the blog would have to be the dropped ball, I chose grace for myself.

I chose to tell myself the story of “well done on your 42 week streak. Sometimes life happens. You’ll pick up where you left off next week.”

I choose to tell you this story because chances are, you too have broken a commitment you made to yourself. Something you said you would start doing, continue doing, or maybe stop doing. Considering it’s the first week of February, statistically speaking, many of you have probably already fallen from perfection on your new year goals.

I encourage you to love yourself through the journey of imperfection.

My recommendation is to pause when the unexpected occurs, and take control of the stories you attach. You can choose a story that discourages you and causes you to beat yourself up. It will probably take a jab at your self-confidence and your perseverance.

Or, you can choose a story that empowers you. You can remind yourself of your worth and how you will rebound.

Choose wisely.

How to be More Present

I vividly remember being 8 years old, wading in the small pool of our front yard while my mother sat in a chair. While in the water, my mind drifted to the future. I imagined a day when I was a grown up, a mother myself, and it was Christmas morning. Fear and doubt crept in as I contemplated whether Santa was real.

On one hand, what if Santa is not real and I believed he was. I would neglect to buy presents for my children and they would have nothing on Christmas morning.

On the other hand, what if I bought all the presents and then he turned out to be real and he showed up with everything on top of mine.

I could no longer deal with the uncertainty, and I demanded my mom tell me the truth. Her answer had always been, “it’s whatever you believe in your heart to be true.” But this day was different. The stress of what I would do as a grown up was too much, and I needed to know my plan. I remember insisting that she tell me. Engrained in my long term memory is my mother with very sad eyes shaking her head no and saying we would talk about it later because there were too many younger kids around.

Although I could tell she was disappointed a season of my childhood was gone, I felt reassured and confident. Now I would know what to do….a piece of information that would not come in handy for TWENTY MORE YEARS.

I tell you this story because it’s indicative of my entire life. I cannot help that when left to daydream, my mind naturally wonders to hypothetical scenarios of the future. Constantly. I rarely dwell on the past. I learn from it and move on, but my mind struggles greatly with staying focused on the present moment.

What we have learned is that almost everyone struggles with staying present in the moment. Very few people are able to spend the vast majority of their attention on just the current day’s concerns.

Over the years I have worked diligently to form habits and practices that help me stay present. My daydreaming often robs me of my focus. At this point, I have come to accept that this is how I am wired, and I no longer expect it to ever change. However, if I want to fulfill those dreams my mind creates, it’s imperative I develop skills that help me redirect my attention back to the tasks at hand.

Maybe you can empathize with me and you too are often drifting off into the far future with either hopes or fears. Or maybe you are like millions of others who find their mind wandering to the past. Replaying scenarios that have already occurred and filling your mind with regrets or doubts.

Either way, we can all benefit from learning to be more present in the moment at hand.

We cannot change the past, but we can change the stories we attach to the events that happened.

No matter how bad a past experience may have been, can you find gratitude in it? Even if the only gratitude is for the lessons it taught you, how much stronger it made you, or the empathy it gave you for others?

Regarding the future, since we don’t know what will happen anyway, you can CHOOSE to attach different stories. You can attach stories that involve fear, worry, worse-case-scenarios and failure. Or, you can CHOOSE to have power over your mind and choose to assume the best.

The link below will take you to a PDF I developed for our free 5 day mental fitness group that ran last week. It includes an exercise to help you self-reflect on how much time you are spending in the present moment, and it will give you some ideas to help you develop more habits to keep you centered.

Click here to download the exercise and guide

Grace and Peace,
Sophia Hyde


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Is Meditation Hard for You?

Ten years ago I sat on my back porch with a pillow under my tailbone, my legs crossed, my fingers touched together and tried to quiet my mind. Not even two minutes later I realized I had wandered off to random thoughts and was just sitting in a ridiculous position while I thought about my to-do list and replayed conversations.

I drove to Barnes and Noble (when that was a still a thing we did) and bought the book Meditation for Dummies. Yes. That one.

I brought it home, skimmed the pages, and decided it was overwhelming, intimidating and unhelpful.

But if you know me, then you know that once I’ve made up my mind about something, I am relentless.

Fast forward a couple years, I was able to sit in pretty much any position, get into a meditative state quickly, quiet my thoughts and have powerful reflections.

So how did I go from completely clueless and frustrated to teaching meditation classes to others?

The exact same way a couch potato runs a marathon. I practiced regularly, started with small time frames and slowly increased, sought out mentors and classes and had a ton of grace with myself.

When I say the word “meditation” some people love it, and many others are completely intimidated by it.

Let me explain what meditation is NOT:

  • Meditation is NOT a religious experience
  • Meditation is NOT woo woo
  • Meditation does NOT have to be you sitting crisscross apple sauce

Now, allow me to explain what meditation IS:

  • Meditation is a muscle that must be exercised. It is never easy at first
  • Meditation is simple. No need to overcomplicate it
  • Meditation can fit anywhere in your life

I created a simple guide for you to learn about meditation and how to incorporate it into your life.

There is no better way to calm yourself, gain your clarity or learn about your true self than through meditation. It’s pretty much the most powerful drug on the planet. Get yourself some.

I created a guide that includes 8 different types of meditation including walking meditation, artistic meditation and breath meditation. There is no one right way to meditate. I highly recommend searching for the version that works for you.

Download here

​*Note* A similar version of this content was sent out as the Day Two lesson in my free ‘Mental Fitness 5 Day Challenge Group” going on this week. I repurposed it for the blog this week because many of you asked for it in the poll on Instagram.


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Free Five Day “Mental Fitness” Challenge Group Starts Monday

In the month of January, a lot of attention is given to goals related to money and health, more than any other area. However, the ability to be successful in any area of our lives, begins with our thoughts.

I know this painfully well from personal experience. In 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 I set the EXACT SAME GOALS. I couldn’t seem to break through. Every new year I was kicking it off with renewed hope that THIS would be the year. And yet, I would hit roadblocks and disappointments and missed opportunities. I felt stuck and frustrated.

In the fall of 2016 I changed my input. When I set the goals in 2017, many of them were for the last time. I had so many breakthroughs. The beaver dam had finally busted open and things were flowing in the right direction again. I changed what was going into my mind, and I took ownership over my thoughts.

“You are what you are and you are where you are because of what has gone into your mind. You change what you are and you change where you are by changing what goes into your mind.”- Zig Ziglar

For this reason, I want to help people kick off their new year right. 2020 was mentally HARD for everyone. There was just SO MUCH to take in. We can make the next 12 months so much more impactful if we decide NOW the stories we will tell ourselves in our minds. We have SO MUCH MORE control over our lives than we often realize.

I am launching a FREE challenge group. It will kick off Monday, January 11 and will only last for 5 days. Here is what you can expect for those 5 days:

–          A morning email with something to learn about your mind and perspective

–          An affirmation to use for the day to reiterate that idea

–          A Facebook group with other participants to share ideas, thoughts and tips (I will go live in the group a couple times to answer questions and share best practices)

–          A Zoom call everyone is invited to join to work through some limiting beliefs

Joining the group is simple, just click here to sign up.

Free Download: Coach Yourself in 10 Minutes

Hi Friends!

I completely revamped my digital download e-book to make it more user friendly and relevant for all of you. It’s available for download starting today!

In this free download you will find:

  • Goal planning template
  • Assessment to determine your best next steps
  • Top habit tips for all 7 spokes on the Wheel of Life

No use making this blog post any longer, to make the most of your 2021 planning, drop your email here to be sent the download:

Why I Said Bye to Hustle Culture

There was a season of my life I participated in hustle culture, mostly from my teen years through early twenties. I believed that burning the candle at both ends and running myself ragged would help me get to the top faster.

I specifically remember one speaker in college who greatly inspired me. He was a highly successful businessman who was the guest speaker at an event my last semester. There were two quotes he shared that day that I wrote down and internalized,

“You can sleep when you’re dead.”


“Do not put off for tomorrow what can be done today.”

My type-A personality loved the reinforcement to continue to pursue my workaholic behaviors.

Fast forward two years from that event and my body was crashing, my marriage wasn’t very healthy, I was regularly sick, I lived with constant brain fog and I was exhausted all the time, to the point of falling asleep in my desk at work. This was not working for me.

I later learned that sure, this man had accumulated a lot of wealth and had built one of the largest advertising agencies in the world, but his family suffered. His marriage ended in divorce and come to find out, he didn’t have a strong relationship with his kids until they were adults.

After my body crashed and I took my sabbatical, I started reframing the way I did everything.

The first thing I did was grab a couple mentors. I looked specifically for people who were in their sixties and had created a life that looked like what I wanted mine to resemble at that age: strong family, successful career, financial independence and a peaceful confidence.

It was fascinating to me what these two very different people had in common. Although they had never met, their habits highly resembled one another:

• Strong spiritual life
• Daily meditation practice
• Full night’s rest every night
• Prioritized healthy eating
• Always stayed hydrated
• Had strong boundaries around their time
• Valued philanthropy
• Read books constantly
• Insatiable hunger to learn

I started realizing that I had none of these habits, and I had to release my beliefs around hustle culture. I was “too busy” to slow down and make time for these habits.

Instead of believing I could sleep when I was dead, I spent months getting 9 hours of sleep a night until my body caught up. Now 7.5 is when my body naturally wakes up.

Instead of believing nothing could wait until tomorrow, I now believe that almost everything can wait, and I pick the most important priorities each day. I am deliberate at prioritizing each area of my life and giving it space on my calendar. What’s not on the calendar waits until its designated time. I have fully accepted that my to-do list will never, ever, ever get to zero.

I calendar time with my husband to binge-watch television. I set aside time with my kids to sit in the house with no plans and chill on the couch or chase them around in circles (quite literally, one of their favorite games is playing ‘catch me’ while we run around the kitchen island).

Less truly is more.

As we enter into the peak of the holiday season, I hope you are able to detach from any hanging to-do lists. I hope you give yourself permission to rest. I hope you freely allow things to wait until January to be done. I hope you enjoy the present moment, enjoy your families, and create space and time for restoration, whatever activities that word involves for you.

Grace and Peace my friends,



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The Two Most Important Concepts to Understand about Goal Setting

Since most of my readers have discovered this blog in the last few months, that means many of you weren’t around last year when I did a 30-day series where I blogged every single day with habit tips for the 7 spokes of the wheel of life. I thought today was appropriate to provide a recap of those posts and give you links to them in case there’s a certain area of your life you are looking to improve this coming year.

First off, let’s chat about what the 7 Spokes are and why they matter. The 7 spokes are personal (self-care), mental, physical, spiritual, family, career, and financial. If any one of these spokes are low, it will hold back all of the other areas. (Side note: If you want a free download of a Wheel of Life and directions on how to analyze for yourself where your strengths and areas of growth are, just download the free e-book Create Peace at the bottom of this page)

For many years I struggled with missing certain goals over and over again, and had this feeling like I was stuck. Finally, I was introduced to the Wheel of Life and realized that I couldn’t make headway because I had a flat tire. My negligence to get certain parts of my life in order was holding back the areas where I wanted to find more success. It’s all intertwined.

As I shared in the “Before you set your 2021 goals” post, a key component in goal setting is habits. True success occurs when we change something we do daily. Habits are the difference maker between creating sustainable life changes or just sprinting and reverting back.

So, what are the two most important concepts to understand about goal setting? Habits and the seven spokes. Creating healthy habits in each of your spokes and continuing to adjust them as your seasons and circumstances change will be some of the most important decisions you make.

In this series, I highlighted habits within each spoke to help inspire others to look at the habits in their own lives and reflect on areas of growth. My hope is that one or more of these posts may be helpful to you as your create your intentions for 2021.

December 2019 Daily Series Posts:

Day 1: Mental Spoke: Gratitude

Day 2: Physical Spoke: Sleep

Day 3: Spiritual Spoke: Meditation

Day 4: Financial Spoke: Using a Budgeting App

Day 5: Personal/Self-Care Spoke: Friendships

Day 6: Career Spoke: Knowing Your Strengths

Day 7: Family Spoke: Respecting Boundaries

Day 8: Mental Spoke: Podcasting

Day 9: Physical Spoke: Drink More Water

Day 10: Spiritual Spoke: Follow the Peace

Day 11: Financial Spoke: Debt is Not an Option

Day 12: Personal/Self-Care Spoke: Understanding Self-Love

Day 13: Career Spoke: Persistent Consistency

Day 14: Family Spoke: Philanthropy

Day 15: Bonus Spoke! (Philanthropy)

Day 16: Mental Spoke: Bathroom Quotes

Day 17: Physical Spoke: Eating Whole Foods

Day 18: Spiritual Spoke: Everything is Spiritual

Day 19: Personal/Self-Care: No News

Day 20: Career Spoke: Daily Big 3

Day 21: Financial Spoke: We’re Debt Free!

Day 22: Family Spoke: Dinner Table

Day 23: Mental Spoke: Mindfulness

Day 24: Physical Spoke: No Food Shaming

Day 25: Spiritual Spoke: Leaping

Day 26: Personal/Self-Care Spoke: Retreating

Day 27: All Spokes: Daily 10 Year Goals

Day 28: All Spokes: Minimalism

Day 29: Mental Spoke: Cell Phone Wall Paper

Day 30: Personal/Self-Care- Book Recommendations