Your Favorite Week

When a client comes to me in overwhelm or needing help with their work-life balance, the very first step I take with them is to design a Favorite Week. It’s essentially a budget of your time. A financial budget is spending your money on paper before you make it. A Favorite Week is spending your […]

Walking the Tight Rope

Recently I was talking with a couple other coaches about the question, “Is wanting more a good thing?”  We discussed the tightrope between contentment and aspiration. It is an absolutely beautiful thing to crave more in your life and have a deep, burning desire to create change. At the same time, it’s so imperative that […]

3 Reasons Why August is the Ideal Time for Goal Setting

In American culture, it’s very popular to discuss goals around the new year. From the day after Christmas, into the first half of January, goal setting tends to dominate our dialogue.  Personally, my FAVORITE time of year to revisit goals and jump into massive action is August, and here are the reasons why:  Most people […]

Free Gift Released!

I am so excited to announce that you can now download a free gift from my website that can bring tremendous value to your life if you choose to apply it. Three years ago, I was frustrated and stuck. I had a yearning and desire for what I wanted to create in my life, but […]

Stronger Mindset Series: Processing Disappointment

Most of us are processing some level of disappointment right now. It could be as simple as fun outings cancelled or as significant as life altering changes like job layoffs. When we mapped out our plans for 2020, none of us planned for the interruption that is COVID-19. Some people are very quick to discount […]