3 Reasons Why August is the Ideal Time for Goal Setting

In American culture, it’s very popular to discuss goals around the new year. From the day after Christmas, into the first half of January, goal setting tends to dominate our dialogue. 

Personally, my FAVORITE time of year to revisit goals and jump into massive action is August, and here are the reasons why: 

  1. Most people are deadline driven

The average person is deadline motivated. Most of us tend to focus on the urgent needs in front of us and put on the back burner the items that can wait. When a goal for the year is set in January, it’s easy to defer taking action. There is a wide gap between the starting line and the deadline. 

The nice part about August is that you start to get that urgency feeling. OOF! Seven months have already passed. If I am going to hit this goal by the end of the year, I better start jumping on it right now. Summer has passed and the nearness of the end of the year starts to add that necessary pressure. 

  1. Summer Vibes are Dwindling 

When summer hits, many people take their eyes off their goals. It’s very easy to set it all aside when we take a vacation and mentally want to check out. However, it’s also very common that we forget to pick the baton back up when we return home. The general feel of summer is to chill, which doesn’t coincide with taking massive action toward our goals. 

August is the perfect transition. We mentally feel like it’s time to tuck away the flip flops and get out the running shoes. 

  1. Routines Matter 

One of the most important aspects of achieving goals is to break them down into habits and to build those habits into our routines. For many people, the summer is full of interruptions to the routines. Whether it’s traveling, house guests, kids at home, or many other factors, the daily rituals can be more challenging. With August comes a return to normal, and it’s much easier to habit-stack those daily rituals that will lead to success. 

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