The phrase that won’t leave my mind

I heard this phrase the other day that I cannot get out of my mind.

Your favorite self.

It’s just three words, but the inferences of the phrase say so much more.

Phrases like “your best self” and “your potential” and “step into your greatness” have always left me feeling off. I have used them each countless times as I couldn’t find words in the English language to describe that gap between who we are and who we want to be.

The reality is, most of us feel a gap. A gap between here and something else. That something else has always been hard to define.

Ironically, what I have learned in my own growth, and by helping so many others, is that rarely ever is that gap something to be achieved or something to strive for in the distance.

In most cases, that gap is inverted. It’s the gap between who we truly are deep down and the version of ourselves we are presenting to the world.

Possibly, we are living a version of ourselves that school trained us to be, who we believed our friends admired, who our families raised us to be, who we saw idolized on the big screen. The stories in our minds of who we should be can come from so many places. But the reality of who we really are is something only we can uncover.

And that introspection, that depth, that unlearning, that awakening…THAT is what I want to see come alive in others. I want to offer a match to a flame that has just been sitting dormant, ready to be awakened.

That is your favorite self. The one who when you get a glimpse of her [or him or them], you beam with joy. The self that allows you to fully relax. The self you fear to show the world because vulnerability fills your veins when you imagine how people may respond to what they see.

Your favorite self is the one that allows you to live in peace, to tap into the flow all around you, to live the life that’s calling you.

Today, my wish for each of you is that you will release one more layer or story or roadblock that is standing in the gap between who you are today and your favorite self.

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