Is it ADHD, anxiety, or nervous system dysregulation?

What if we are having the wrong conversations? There is a question that began plaguing me several months ago:  Is it ADHD, anxiety, or nervous system dysregulation?  As I have openly shared, my daughter and I were diagnosed three years ago with anxiety and ADHD, respectively, and since then I have been diving deep into […]

10 Seconds of Courage

“When you avoid conflict to keep the peace, you start a war within yourself.” ​ -Cheryl Richardson Check in with your body. Do you feel grounded, centered, and calm? Or, like most people, do you feel a tension in your chest, stomach, shoulders, neck, back, or somewhere else? Most of us are walking around carrying […]

Your Favorite Week

When a client comes to me in overwhelm or needing help with their work-life balance, the very first step I take with them is to design a Favorite Week. It’s essentially a budget of your time. A financial budget is spending your money on paper before you make it. A Favorite Week is spending your […]

My Experience with EMDR Therapy

Normally my blog is filled with content about the tools and skills I teach and coach on, but today, I want to use this platform to open up some of my personal, private journey. In an effort to de-stigmatize conversations around mental health and normalize conversations around therapy, I want to share my personal experience […]

How to Manage Your Stress

Over 50% of my audience is in the Tampa Bay area, which means, many are dealing with the impending storm today. If you are not affected by the storm, chances are also high that you could be experiencing some stress in your own life. Whether it’s related to work, relationships or another area, many of us are […]

Clothes Matter

I recently changed my belief system around clothes. For all of my life, I believed that caring about clothes meant valuing material possessions. However, the more I learn about everything it takes to release our favorite selves into the world, I realize that clothes do matter. A lot. The reason they hold so much power […]

I See You

I see you, the real you. When I look at you, I see your greatness. I see your potential. You are already worthy and have value in my eyes without needing to justify anything to me. If you need someone to believe in you, I do. If you feel like there is all this potential […]