How to Manage Your Stress

Over 50% of my audience is in the Tampa Bay area, which means, many are dealing with the impending storm today. If you are not affected by the storm, chances are also high that you could be experiencing some stress in your own life. Whether it’s related to work, relationships or another area, many of us are […]

Keeping the House Clean and Alleviating Mental Load

I have found the simplest solution to keeping my house cleaner, alleviating mental load and stress from my plate, and getting out the door easier. As I shared last week, recently our family had a lot of changes that led to overwhelm, decision fatigue and a heavier mental load for me to carry. I knew […]

Dear World…I Give Up

Dear World, I give up. I give up trying to please you. You are absolutely impossible. You are full of contradictions and hypocrisies. I refuse to let you get under my skin anymore. I refuse to be yelled at anymore for following my convictions. I refuse to be belittled because I made a choice different […]

How to Reduce Your Stress During Election Season

Election years are always challenging on social media. We feel bombarded with information we didn’t ask to receive and often times it can ignite anger, frustration, sadness or other emotions.   One of the spokes on the Wheel of Life is the mental spoke, and I think I would be doing my readers a disservice […]

15 Self-Care Practices that are Essential for Working Moms

The personal spoke on the wheel of life is so important, yet is one of the most neglected for working moms. It’s so easy to lose ourselves in the needs of those around us. We give our best to our careers, make sure our children are fed, clothed, staying alive and then try to be […]