Keeping the House Clean and Alleviating Mental Load

I have found the simplest solution to keeping my house cleaner, alleviating mental load and stress from my plate, and getting out the door easier.

As I shared last week, recently our family had a lot of changes that led to overwhelm, decision fatigue and a heavier mental load for me to carry. I knew this wasn’t sustainable, so I had to find some solutions to lighten my load. 

I ran an experiment for the last two weeks that has proven to be wildly successful.

I created a list for everyone in the family for their daily rituals that stays on the fridge. Anything that needs to be done daily in the house is written down, visible for all to see. 

Initially I wrote it all down because it was too much for me to carry in my mind. I was regularly forgetting small details. I needed a list to reference to keep me on task in the mornings and evenings.

What I discovered was that by getting it out of my head and onto paper for everyone to see, the whole family was empowered to step up. 

Every time my daughter would ask, “Mom, can I play yet?” I could just say “You tell me. Check your list.” 

Previously, I would have started drilling through the questions, ”Have you brushed your teeth? Did you pack your bag? Have you filled your water bottle?” Etc. 

This solution has also helped alleviate the confusion of my husband’s role. His work schedule is all over the place. About half the time he is here to help, and half the time he’s not. Therefore, he was always looking to me with those same questions, “How can I help? What else needs to be done?” 

By making these lists, I am not only keeping myself more organized, but I alleviated stress. There is less on my plate, my house is staying so much cleaner, and we are getting out the door earlier. 

I am also going to bed every night with a clean house. Never in my entire adulthood have I been able to manage keeping my house clean daily. 

Consistent daily habits is where it is all at, my friends.

Your family’s daily rituals will look different, but I have posted mine here for inspiration. 

If you decide to run this experiment too, please post and tag me in your lists. I would absolutely love to see your rituals and hear if it works for you! 

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