Are You Stayin’ Busy? No.

In the last month I have bumped into five different people while running errands whom I haven’t seen in a long time. Each time they asked, “Ya stayin’ busy?”  And each time I responded with, “no.”  It stops the normal flow of conversation, so I will clarify, “I am no longer interested in living a […]

Time Management Tips

I’ve been asked by several different people to please share some tips about time management, so I finally decided to put some of my top tips to paper and publish them today. Here are some powerful ways to reduce stress, overwhelm and clutter in your life: Step 1: Monday Power Hour Schedule an hour with […]

Keeping the House Clean and Alleviating Mental Load

I have found the simplest solution to keeping my house cleaner, alleviating mental load and stress from my plate, and getting out the door easier. As I shared last week, recently our family had a lot of changes that led to overwhelm, decision fatigue and a heavier mental load for me to carry. I knew […]