Walking the Tight Rope

Recently I was talking with a couple other coaches about the question, “Is wanting more a good thing?” 

We discussed the tightrope between contentment and aspiration. It is an absolutely beautiful thing to crave more in your life and have a deep, burning desire to create change. At the same time, it’s so imperative that we remain grounded in gratitude. 

So how do you walk this out? How do you feel content and grateful for the life you are living while simultaneously dreaming of something else?

I likened it to a cross country road trip.

It reminded me of a poster that hung in my high school biology teacher’s classroom that said, “happiness is a journey, not a destination.”

I live in Florida. If I were to plan a trip to Portland, Oregon, it would inevitably be beautiful. Despite how excited I am to see the Pacific Northwest, the only way to get there is to take a scenic route through other parts of America. 

I have the option of getting there as quickly as possible, or I can plan to make pit stops along the way at the beautiful cities and landscapes I will encounter on the road trip. 

If I pause to appreciate everything I see along the way, then my time spent in Portland will be accompanied by countless memories and new experiences. I may drive through the middle of America, or I may choose to party in New Orleans, line dance in San Antonio, drive up the California coast and then take detours to visit Yosemite and the redwood trees. 

The journey to get there would have been a greater gift than where I arrived.

Wherever you are on your journey today, remember to pause and appreciate the process. Remember that the goals you are chasing are not only about where you are going, but also about who you become and what you experience along the way. 

Growth is not easy. Obstacles and hurdles and u-turns and setbacks are never fun. However, when you finally arrive at the destination you are pursuing, you will experience the joy of celebrating the end victory and every single milestone along the way.

Happy road tripping friends. Where are you headed?

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