Day 13- Career Spoke: Persistent Consistency

With my husband and daughter at the Dec 13, 2019 premiere of Bernie the Dolphin 2, a feature film of which he was the Director of Photography.

Day: 13

Spoke: Career

Habit: Persistent Consistency

In the book Choose to Win, Tom Ziglar talks a lot about PC. But it’s not in the context we’re used to hearing it (politically correct or personal computer), he’s referring to persistent consistency. It’s the secret to success in any spoke on the Wheel of Life. Making the decision that you are going to consistently perform a habit and persist in doing it even when it gets hard.

Early in our relationship my husband and I made the decision that we were going to be dreamers and then fight relentlessly to make them happen. He figured out his dream first, to be a Director of Photography in the feature film industry. About five years after him, I finally figured out my dream was to be a coach. The paths to our dreams for both of us were messy, unpredictable and filled with highs and lows.

I’ve developed a hobby of listening to the stories of successful people who achieved their dreams to discover the common threads. Without fail, there is always the pattern of “I got this idea in my head and had a vision of where I wanted it to go. It turns out it was much harder to make it happen than I realized, but I never let go of my dream. I was determined and I just kept taking the next step to get there. After a few lucky breaks and a thousand obstacles with a couple major failures, I arrived.” You can insert almost anyone’s success story into that template.

As I type this blog post, I am driving down the interstate (in the passenger seat) to a premiere for a movie my husband was the Director of Photography. This morning I did a strategy session with a new client and enrolled her in the 12-week Choose to Win Program. He’s shooting and I am coaching. We did it.

Twelve years guys. Twelve years of persistently showing up every day taking steps to create the life we want so we could both do our dream jobs. We are finally here.

What is your dream? What vision do you have in your future that you’re so committed to you are willing to be persistently consistent in fighting to make it a reality?

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