The 7 Spokes

There’s no such thing as “balance” in life. So many of us are walking through life feeling like others have more balance than we do, and the reality is it’s a myth. Years ago I traded in pursuing a life of balance for a life of intention. Much of the Choose to Win program centers around the Ziglar Wheel of Life, which looks at the 7 core areas of our lives and teaches that we make sure we are creating healthy habits in each area.

Our lives are interconnected. If we focus too many of our resources on one area, the rest will suffer. The classic example is the workaholic who gives their all to their career at the expense of their family, health, and friends. They may have a fancy title and money in the bank, but the rest of their life is bankrupt. It’s vitally important that we focus on each core area of our lives so they all can thrive.

If you would like help with one or more of the spokes, it’s worth investing the time in a strategy session to see if this program may be the right fit for you.