Day 24- Physical Spoke: No Food Shaming!

Day: 24

Spoke: Physical 

Habit: No Food Shaming 

Guys, this is a big deal. Just watch…your newsfeed is about to BLOW UP with comments of people feeling so much shame for the food they ate at Christmas. 

I know it all too well because I spent YEARS AND YEARS living in the shame and sharing my shame! I was one of those friends, the kind posting, commenting and talking relentlessly about the “bad foods.” I would use all the unhealthy language that showed I just carried around a ton of guilt and didn’t have a healthy relationship with food. 

In case you needed to hear this: 

You have permission to enjoy great food and not feel bad about it!!!! 

It’s okay to gain a little weight over the holidays. 

It’s okay to enjoy delicious family recipes. 

It’s okay to eat more sweets than usual. 

Now, as you do so, I highly recommend drinking TONS of water to help your body process it all. I highly recommend taking a stroll around the block with some family members to maybe get a few extra steps in. But do not beat yourself up for being normal. 

I used to have so much shame around food that I would eat it and then immediately feel bad. I would then look at my body in the mirror and have tons of negative thoughts around the extra 1-3 pounds I may have gone up on the scale. Let’s be real, I didn’t actually look much different. I just changed the story I told myself about my body.

Am I saying to go eat a whole pie and not feel bad about it? Well, no. Be reasonable guys. Haha. But a slice isn’t going to hurt you. Or, as a classic Enneagram 7, I’m more likely to have 1 or 2 bites of 5 different desserts. 

Follow the joy. Take care of your body. Love yourself in whatever way loving yourself and your body looks for you. 

Merry Christmas. Happy New Years. Happy Holidays. Happy Chanukah. Happy whatever you do for joy this season. 

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