Day 25- Spiritual Spoke: Leaping (A Christmas Story)


Spoke: Spiritual 

Habit: Leaping (A Christmas Story)

I recently heard a different take on the Christmas story, and it spoke so strongly to me I screamed “YES!!!! THIS!!!!” by myself in my car. 

We all know the premise of the story, right? Girl finds out she’s pregnant out of wedlock. Doesn’t know if fiancé will leave her. Doesn’t know what’s going to happen. At full term pregnancy has to leave her community to travel for the census. She goes into labor without even a home. Time passes and the wisemen come bearing gifts for the baby.

At every step, she doesn’t get the answer in advance. She takes the leap, and then it all works out. At no point does God tell her HOW it all will work out, just that it will. 

The wisemen do not come like a baby shower. “Here’s your gifts. You’re gonna need these.” The baby is born and THEN they start making their way. What triggers their arrival? The baby being born. The action. 

If you have spent any time walking with Spirit leading you, you know this is the story. God calls you to the next thing and you follow the lead. You leap. You don’t know where you will land or how you will get there but you know you must act. 

This is the Christ story. Always. I’ve lived it over and over again. Will people around you think you’re crazy? Yep. Will people criticize you and call you foolish? Yep. Been there done that. Will it lack logical reasoning? Often times. But when spirit is guiding you, you know your only choice is to leap, follow and wait for the gifts to come. Sometimes quickly, but usually much, much later. 

This is always the story. Leap and THEN you’ll be given what you need. 

From now on, when I think of the Christmas story, this is what I will remember. A reminder that the gifts always come, but not until after we step out on faith. 

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