Day 12- Personal Spoke- Understanding Self Love

Day: 12

Spoke: Personal 

Habit: Understanding Self-Love

I’m so grateful that self love is getting more and more attention.

The first time I ever heard the concept of putting yourself as a priority above everyone else in your life was by Michael Hyatt in 2011 in his “Creating Your Life Plan” workbook. He discussed the “put on your oxygen mask first so you can then help others” philosophy. At that period in time I wasn’t anywhere on my own priority list. I felt guilty for the 30 minutes it took me to get ready each morning and didn’t know how to make that time more productive. Everyone else’s needs and my work consumed ALL of my time.

After running myself into the ground time and time again, I realized it wasn’t optional, but necessary, for me to figure out how to make myself the top priority in my life, second only to God. Yep. Above the husband and above the kids. A healthy version of mom is much more useful to them then any other scenario. 

I’ve heard multiple people think self care equals making time for facials and manicures. I mean…sure, those are self-care. But those are really low on my life on the most important self care. I can go without those items.

Here are my self-care habits that make it possible for me to stay in a healthy state mentally, physically and spiritually so I can care of others:

Proper sleep 

Scheduled rest time 

A day a week where I don’t leave my house 

Incorporating lots of whole foods, especially veggies, into my day 

Spending time with people who give me life 

Unfollowing accounts on social media that make me feel yucky inside or cause me stress 

Not watching the news 

Waking up before anyone else in the house 

Soaking in the bathtub 


Being involved in organizations that I love

Scheduling regular checks ups with the doctor, chiropractor and dentist

There are so many ways for us to love on ourselves. What do you do?

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2 thoughts on “Day 12- Personal Spoke- Understanding Self Love

  1. Starting my day with positive affirmations and writing in a gratitude journal. I love thanking God each morning for my Blessings and my troubles. I also make sure I get some daily exercise in. It may be yoga, power walking or biking, but something each day. Sometimes I do all 3!!!