Day 8- Mental Spoke: Podcasting

Day: 8

Spoke: Mental

Habit: Podcasting

In 2016 I discovered podcasting. I had heard of it, but I didn’t realize the value it could add to my life. All I knew was my husband listened to a bunch of podcasts about fantasy football, film and some show his friend put out. He asked me to listen to an episode by his friend, and I didn’t know how. Like a little old lady needing help with her TV remote, he took my phone, opened the purple app that said “Podcasts,” and then showed me how to use the search.

Later that day I started typing my favorite authors into the search, and they all had been making podcasts! For years! Wait, these writers whose work I craved, who I would preorder every single release they put out had information I could have been digesting every week instead of every couple years? Mind. Blown.

I immediately started following my favorite authors. Then I literally sat down with the Wheel of Life. I had some significant discontent in a few of the spokes. I was struggling financially, spiritually and with my health (I was healthy but my weight was a constant yo-yo). I knew that quote “you’re a reflection of the five people you spend the most time with.” I decided I was going to spend a LOT of time with Dave Ramsey, Rob Bell, the Ziglar show and Ashley James (Learn True Health Podcast).

The habit I formed three years ago, that I still practice today, is to fill my mind with as many episodes as I can in down time. Driving five minutes down the road? Click play on a podcast. Washing dishes? Click play. Going on a walk? Click play. Cleaning the bathroom? Click play. Hour long commute each way? Click play.

Hours and hours and hours of allowing these leaders to speak into my life significantly changed me. I began to see the world differently.

Thanks to Dave Ramsey, I saw money in a completely different light. It took me about 8 months to get comfortable with the habits he teaches. Like any new habit, it was awkward for a while. It took lots of energy and effort; now it’s second nature and I don’t think about it.

Thanks to Rob Bell and some other shows I discovered along the way like the Liturgists, I have so much more peace spiritually. I felt so alone for so long. As my relationship with God grew stronger, my relationship with the church broke. I remember listening to some episodes while cleaning after the kids went to bed and something would be said that would bring me to my knees. I would find myself on my kitchen floor in tears, weeping with gratitude that I wasn’t alone anymore and there were thousands of other people having my same experiences, and it was okay. I was looking for a spiritual community locally, but I found it online.

On Learn True Health, Ashley interviews different people every week. I discovered Tricia Nelson with Heal Your Hunger there who helped me cope with my emotional eating habits. I gained lots of wisdom and insight from different naturopaths and experts over the years who helped me develop habits for my family that have been very beneficial for us.

Zig Ziglar always talked about “automobile university.” He was a motivational speaker and fervently believed that you should fill your mind with positivity and education that can help you grow. Hands down, one of the best things I have done for myself is to develop the habit of listening to podcasts that address the areas where I need help.

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