Day 27- All the Spokes: Daily 10 Year Goals


Day: 27 

Spoke: All of them 

Habit: Daily Goal Writing 

Almost every morning (life with a 1 year can inhibit daily morning rituals) I begin my day with my tea or fizz stick and notebook on my couch. I open it up to the next page, and I write down my 10 goals for the next 10 years. These are BIG goals y’all. 

I picked this habit up from Rachel Hollis after reading Girl Stop Apologizing. They are written as affirmations in the present tense. The more I write them down the more I believe in myself and my ability to make them a reality. 

When I created this list, I sat in the quiet and dreamed up my biggest, boldest, best life. What would that look like? No limits. And then I wrote it down. The first time was the hardest to write them and now I write them every single morning (almost). 

My goals touch on all the spokes. Some are related to my health and fitness, some are dream vacations with the family and hubster, several are career oriented, and one is a goal of my husband’s that I’ve been dead set on helping him achieve in his lifetime since we were 21 and 23 years old.

For me, these goals are private and personal. I don’t need anyone dream stealing my big hairy audacious goals. I just need to remind myself every single day where I’m going so that I continue staying the path. 

Because I know people learn best from stories, I’m choosing to share two of them with you so you see an example of what I’m talking about. 

Number 8 says “we take a month sabbatical to the mountains every summer.” I fully intend on structuring my life and business into a position that I can have one entire month of rest with my family every single summer. I know I can’t do it this year, and probably not next year, but I can get there. For the past 5 years it’s been a one week trip. Maybe this year it’s two weeks, next year three and by 2022 I’m checking out for the whole month of July.  

Number four says, “I have a full time executive assistant.” I am capable of managing details, but it is NOT my strength. It’s actually a point of stress and contention in my life. I thrive when I am operating at high levels and big picture thinking and have someone I trust walking out the details. I know if I’m going to do big things in this world I need a right hand person managing the details for me. I need to take the weight off my shoulders and free up my mental capacity to grow in other areas. 

What is one of your long term big goals? How often do you write it down?

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