Day 29- Mental Spoke- Wallpaper

Day: 29

Spoke: Mental

Habit: Cell Phone Wallpaper

Today is a quick one. Last year I picked a word for the year and made it my cell phone wallpaper. Every single time I looked at my phone I read the word. Are you ready for the irony of my 2019 word of the year…HABITS!!!!!! I reminded myself a hundred times a day that I am a result of the habits I create in my life. And now look what I manifested! One of the cornerstones of the Choose to Win coaching material is looking at habits we can improve.

This year my word is Peace. I want to remind myself to manifest peace everywhere I go. Peace in our home. Peace in my mind and heart. Peace in relationships. I want to create a peaceful life for myself and those around me. By having it as my phone’s wallpaper I will be reminded of it every single day this year.

Peace be with you my friends. Happy New Year!

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