Do you know the one thing?

Do you know the #1 difference between goals that are met and those that are unmet? I spent so many years of my life being taught about “SMART” goals, and all the right ways to hit goals. Yet, year after year I was missing the same ones over and over again. Like many things in […]

Why I Threw Away My Scale

Earlier this year, I threw my scale away. If you are someone who struggles with your weight, I cannot recommend this decision highly enough. Here’s my story about why. As I was writing down my goals for this year, once again, at the top of the list was to weigh 150 pounds. This was the […]

Let’s Get Together

Hello Friends, I have been thinking about you guys for MONTHS asking myself the same question, “How can I make their lives easier while also helping them achieve their goals and create the life they want to be living?” The answer is….let’s get together. I have created a 3-hour workshop that will bring together all […]

Let’s Talk About Sleep

All these years later, the most common sense thing we have all heard still manages to blow my mind.  Last night I fell asleep putting the kids down and my body woke up 9.5 hours later.  I had a whole list of things to do last night. I woke up with none of them done. […]

Are You Stayin’ Busy? No.

In the last month I have bumped into five different people while running errands whom I haven’t seen in a long time. Each time they asked, “Ya stayin’ busy?”  And each time I responded with, “no.”  It stops the normal flow of conversation, so I will clarify, “I am no longer interested in living a […]

Time Management Tips

I’ve been asked by several different people to please share some tips about time management, so I finally decided to put some of my top tips to paper and publish them today. Here are some powerful ways to reduce stress, overwhelm and clutter in your life: Step 1: Monday Power Hour Schedule an hour with […]