The Courage to be Disliked

Recently, I read something in a book that has rocked my world.  Out of ten people, two will love you, one will dislike you, and seven won’t pay attention to you. Focus on the two that love you, not the ones that dislike you or the seven who don’t care. (Paraphrased idea from a book […]

Are You Stayin’ Busy? No.

In the last month I have bumped into five different people while running errands whom I haven’t seen in a long time. Each time they asked, “Ya stayin’ busy?”  And each time I responded with, “no.”  It stops the normal flow of conversation, so I will clarify, “I am no longer interested in living a […]

Time Management Tips

I’ve been asked by several different people to please share some tips about time management, so I finally decided to put some of my top tips to paper and publish them today. Here are some powerful ways to reduce stress, overwhelm and clutter in your life: Step 1: Monday Power Hour Schedule an hour with […]

90 Day Challenge

The last 90 days I’m creating a challenge and I would love for you to join me.  I disagree with the notion that January is the best time to set goals. It’s a great time to set goals, but it’s neither the only nor the best.  The best time is whenever you are ready to […]

Walking the Tight Rope

Recently I was talking with a couple other coaches about the question, “Is wanting more a good thing?”  We discussed the tightrope between contentment and aspiration. It is an absolutely beautiful thing to crave more in your life and have a deep, burning desire to create change. At the same time, it’s so imperative that […]

The Power of our Emotions

Our thoughts play a mighty powerful role in our lives. Some of these thoughts we choose to think. Some of these thoughts we do not even realize are optional. They were conditioned into us by society, culture, or words spoken to us in childhood. If we are not intentional about observing the thoughts we are […]