Do you know the one thing?

Do you know the #1 difference between goals that are met and those that are unmet? I spent so many years of my life being taught about “SMART” goals, and all the right ways to hit goals. Yet, year after year I was missing the same ones over and over again. Like many things in […]

How to Change Many Habits at One Time

Did you know that every now and then life will hand you a gift you probably won’t recognize?  When we have a major life-changing event, we are presented with an opportunity to create new habits at the snap of our fingers.  Traditionally, changing too many habits at once is nearly impossible. For most people, your […]

Why I Said Bye to Hustle Culture

There was a season of my life I participated in hustle culture, mostly from my teen years through early twenties. I believed that burning the candle at both ends and running myself ragged would help me get to the top faster. I specifically remember one speaker in college who greatly inspired me. He was a […]