Let’s Get Together

Hello Friends,

I have been thinking about you guys for MONTHS asking myself the same question, “How can I make their lives easier while also helping them achieve their goals and create the life they want to be living?”

The answer is….let’s get together. I have created a 3-hour workshop that will bring together all the best ways to start the new year. We will reflect on the right questions to ask ourselves, simplify the goal setting process, and create a plan of action. And here is the most important promise (that always matters to me when I go to events):

I promise to not send you home with homework.

You will write your 2022 plan, and you will walk out the door with it in hand, confident on the first step you want to take.

Click here to reserve your seat and join us.

For those of you who are not local, shoot me an email. Let me know if you would be interested in me putting together an online version of this. Do you want to set aside three hours on Zoom? If there is enough demand, I will create a virtual version.

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