How to be More Present

I vividly remember being 8 years old, wading in the small pool of our front yard while my mother sat in a chair. While in the water, my mind drifted to the future. I imagined a day when I was a grown up, a mother myself, and it was Christmas morning. Fear and doubt crept […]

Is Meditation Hard for You?

Ten years ago I sat on my back porch with a pillow under my tailbone, my legs crossed, my fingers touched together and tried to quiet my mind. Not even two minutes later I realized I had wandered off to random thoughts and was just sitting in a ridiculous position while I thought about my […]

Why I Said Bye to Hustle Culture

There was a season of my life I participated in hustle culture, mostly from my teen years through early twenties. I believed that burning the candle at both ends and running myself ragged would help me get to the top faster. I specifically remember one speaker in college who greatly inspired me. He was a […]

How I Avoid Disappointment

We all know what it feels like to have the wind sucked out of us when disappointment takes over. It’s an awful feeling. I used to experience it much more often, until I learned a valuable lesson: Setting expectations only leads to unnecessary disappointment. In 2009, tears streamed down my cheeks the whole way home […]

Have You Heard?

Have you heard of third way thinking? I have been talking about third way thinking for a few years now in my conversations, and I almost never encounter someone else who is familiar with the concept. First of all, before you chase down the wrong rabbit hole…don’t start Googling the term. You’ll find lots of […]

Change Your Story

In almost every 1:1 coaching call I have done in the last six months there has been a resounding theme. The same issue is keeping nearly everyone stuck. Limiting beliefs. We’re going to talk about them today because once we can recognize them, we can override them. In case you are not aware, a limiting […]