Is Meditation Hard for You?

Ten years ago I sat on my back porch with a pillow under my tailbone, my legs crossed, my fingers touched together and tried to quiet my mind. Not even two minutes later I realized I had wandered off to random thoughts and was just sitting in a ridiculous position while I thought about my to-do list and replayed conversations.

I drove to Barnes and Noble (when that was a still a thing we did) and bought the book Meditation for Dummies. Yes. That one.

I brought it home, skimmed the pages, and decided it was overwhelming, intimidating and unhelpful.

But if you know me, then you know that once I’ve made up my mind about something, I am relentless.

Fast forward a couple years, I was able to sit in pretty much any position, get into a meditative state quickly, quiet my thoughts and have powerful reflections.

So how did I go from completely clueless and frustrated to teaching meditation classes to others?

The exact same way a couch potato runs a marathon. I practiced regularly, started with small time frames and slowly increased, sought out mentors and classes and had a ton of grace with myself.

When I say the word “meditation” some people love it, and many others are completely intimidated by it.

Let me explain what meditation is NOT:

  • Meditation is NOT a religious experience
  • Meditation is NOT woo woo
  • Meditation does NOT have to be you sitting crisscross apple sauce

Now, allow me to explain what meditation IS:

  • Meditation is a muscle that must be exercised. It is never easy at first
  • Meditation is simple. No need to overcomplicate it
  • Meditation can fit anywhere in your life

I created a simple guide for you to learn about meditation and how to incorporate it into your life.

There is no better way to calm yourself, gain your clarity or learn about your true self than through meditation. It’s pretty much the most powerful drug on the planet. Get yourself some.

I created a guide that includes 8 different types of meditation including walking meditation, artistic meditation and breath meditation. There is no one right way to meditate. I highly recommend searching for the version that works for you.

Download here

​*Note* A similar version of this content was sent out as the Day Two lesson in my free ‘Mental Fitness 5 Day Challenge Group” going on this week. I repurposed it for the blog this week because many of you asked for it in the poll on Instagram.


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