Why I Danced on the Internet in a Bikini

Guys…seriously…this is how much I love you and want to make my message GLARINGLY obvious. 

Today I made an Instagram reel, in a bikini, of me dancing. The text said, 

“My 3 step process to get your body bikini ready this summer: 

  1. Buy a bikini
  2. Put it on your body 
  3. Have fun” 

Last summer I wrote this blog post about how to manage the weight loss struggles that so many women face. The first step truly is a positive body image. 

We cannot hate our bodies into health. 

If the core motivation for making “healthier choices” is shame for how you feel about your body, then there is a very small chance you will sustain the weight loss. Eventually, a binge is likely on it’s way. The emotions of guilt and shame have a sneaky way of snowballing on top of each other like an avalanche until it all comes crashing down. 

However, we can LOVE our way into healthy choices. 

I do not preach or teach giving up alcohol as a lifestyle choice. It’s completely up to you. Personally, about a year ago, I gave up wine permanently. It wasn’t about the sugar intake. It wasn’t about the calories. It wasn’t about a special program I was following. It was simply because over and over again I was waking up the next day with a fog and a slow start. Keeping up with two small kids at 6am is tiring enough. Wine was making it harder. 

I simply decided one day “I don’t enjoy this. The taste of wine does not outweigh the struggle the next day.” I made the choice out of love for myself. 

I CHOOSE to eat vegetables and less processed foods because I enjoy the feeling of more energy. I choose carefully when to take in lots of carbs because I weigh the love of the food against the energy crash that comes. Sometimes it’s worth it. Sometimes it’s not. 

The love of my body is what motivates me to drink over 100oz of water a day and get a full night’s rest. The love of my children and wanting to be around when they are old is what motivates me to get my heart rate up each day. 

I danced on the internet today in a bikini on Instagram and TikTok because I desperately want to inspire you to love your body too. Exactly as she is right now. Because your love for her is what will motivate you to make sustainable, long lasting, good choices. 

Now, go buy that bikini and tell yourself how beautiful you look in it. 

Happy Summer,


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