How to Release Your Worries

Many of us are plagued with worrying. Even if we don’t recognize it as a worry, we find our thoughts often drift to the same concerns time and time again when we are driving down the road or sitting alone in the quiet. 

Oftentimes, without the tools to manage those thoughts, people will manage by overriding them. 

“I need to take my mind off of things,” is a common phrase. This may manifest as watching TV, playing video games, scrolling social media, drinking or other common habits to drown out the noise. 

What if I told you that you have the ability to release them whenever you want? 

It’s true. 

Despite how little control you may feel over the things you wish could change, you do not need to hold onto them. You can release them from your thoughts, and therefore, release them from your body. 

All of the emotions we experience are felt by our bodies. Stress causing a heart attack is one of the most often we witness. But happiness or anxiousness can make our heart race or our palms sweat. Sadness makes us cry, right? Our bodies and minds are highly interconnected, so it’s important to understand that those worries and concerns are manifesting in your body somewhere as well. 

This week I am going to offer a guided meditation on how to release your worries. I used this technique with a client this week and realized it’s probably a healthy tool for many of us. 

If you are interested in learning how to release your worries and concerns from your body and mind, join me on Sunday evening at 9:00pm EST to learn a 15 minute meditation practice that you can use at any time. 

Sometimes, I will use this technique in a quick five minute window in a parking lot in the quiet of my car.

This technique would also be very beneficial if you like moving meditation (such as walking or running). You could easily visualize this while exercising and release worries or concerns from your body and mind.

If you would like to join us live on Sunday evening at 9pm (great way to prepare yourself for the coming week) then register here

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