The Most Common Limiting Belief

Limiting beliefs are the most common obstacle holding us back. 

A limiting belief is something we believe to be true about ourselves or our circumstances but is not based on fact. We THINK it’s a fact, but when we break it down, it’s a story we are telling ourselves is true. 

Recently on a coaching call, I heard one of the most common limiting beliefs arise. I decided it was appropriate to address it on the blog because if you are using this language, it’s time to change it up. 

The statement: I don’t have enough time to _______[insert something you claim is a priority to you]____________. 

We hear this one all the time, don’t we? I don’t have enough time to exercise, eat right, spend quality time with my family, market my business, do my hobby, etc. 

The reality may be that there truly is no margin left on your schedule. I have been there, but learn to reframe the situation to state what is a fact. 

For example, I cut having a regular exercise routine out of my life for two years. I know. I know. I know. I am not advocating this to other people. I do not recommend it as a lifestyle choice, but it was a conscious decision I made. 

Technically, I DID have time to exercise. There are were other things that could have been moved to make room for it, but I chose different priorities. 

I had a baby I was breastfeeding, a full-time job, and decided to launch my business on the side. Getting two kids and myself ready, dropped off to childcare, and picked up was 11 hours of every Monday-Friday. Add the cooking, cleaning, laundry, bedtime routine, and quality time with them, and I had about 1 hour of margin a day I could squeeze in. On any given day, that one hour could be used for self-care, quality time with the husband, or working on my business. 

I share that with you to say why language is important. 

Instead of saying, “I don’t have time to exercise,” I would say “My health is still a high priority to me. For this season, taking care of my health looks like prioritizing a full night’s rest, making good choices with my food, and trying to get my heart rate up when I play with my kids.” 

It was a conscious choice I made. I was not a victim. The calendar wasn’t controlling me. I knew I was in a temporary season with too many things on my plate to do it all. I chose my job, sleep, quality time with my family, and launching a new business over a routine exercise schedule. 

If “not enough time” is something you find yourself complaining about, my recommendation is to start talking about time in the language of priorities. Not getting your full night’s rest every night? Be honest with yourself about why. 

“Staying up late to ________ is more important to me than the health benefits of a full night’s rest.” Fill in your blank. Scroll social media? Read a book? Study? Check emails? Watch TV? Clean the house? I’ve consciously chosen to sacrifice a few hours of sleep for another priority on many occasions, so I’m not judging you. I’m just saying…call a spade a spade. It gives you a healthier perspective. 

If the circumstances you are in have you feeling trapped, or you feel out of control, then my recommendation is to make a gameplan of how you will change the circumstance, not accept that it is a truth about how your life always has to be. 

Sometimes the answer may be setting hard boundaries in relationships, or even ending ones that cannot be saved. It may look like asking for help, or looking for a new opportunity. Your solution could involve pivoting a new life direction, scaling back, leaning in, leaning out. Every situation is different. 

You have the time to do what matters most to you. 

Let the way you spend your time be a reflection of your priorities. 

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