Some Encouragement for this Week

This is a difficult week for many people, so I want to speak to those challenges. I’ve heard many discuss pains such as:

  • Choosing not to gather in person for Thanksgiving because of the pandemic
  • Grieving the loss of a loved one who will not be present this year
  • Fear of having a political conversation with a loved one who has different views

I am sure there are many other challenges people are facing in addition to these very common situations…so how do we move forward?

The irony is…the answer is in the name. Thanksgiving.

Most of the time, the pains we face cannot be cured. There are no solutions. Gratitude allows us to redirect our attention to what we do have and what we can control.

Gratitude can come in so many forms. Gratitude you are still here. Gratitude for the friends and family you have. Gratitude for the breath in your lungs. Gratitude for the multitude of memories with your lost loved one. Gratitude you have food to serve.

There are books galore written on the power of gratitude. There is no shortage of scientific studies that show all of the benefits….from psychological well-being to emotional health, social health, and even spiritual and physical health.

The scriptures are covered in verses on thanksgiving and gratefulness, from the Old Testament to the New. Gratitude plays a major role in every major religion around the world.

What we focus our attention on grows.

So this week, if your pain begins to grow power over you, shift your attention. Find gratitude.

Since I am a Ziglar-certified coach, it seems appropriate to gather for you a handful of great quotes Ziglar had to say about gratitude. May you find encouragement in these words this week (see images).

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