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Why I Love This Program

I am crazy passionate about sharing this 30-day program with others because of the tremendous positive impact it had on my life. The first time I did it I lost 15 pounds in 30 days, increased my energy significantly, got rid of a “brain fog” I didn’t realize I was suffering from, eliminated my digestive issues, and discovered that my reoccurring colds and allergies were diet related. Although I still battle my weight swings because of my love/hate relationship with sugar and carbs, I have yet to have any of the other symptoms return because I am empowered with the knowledge of what ingredients trigger inflammation in my body.

If you have any health goals you’re looking to accomplish, I highly recommend you consider trying Arbonne’s 30-days to healthy living, sometimes referred to as the Arbonne 30-day detox. (There’s also a 10-day version if 30 days seems intimidating to you)

Detox is a buzz word that gets used in many different contexts so I just want to hit on a couple common FAQ’s:

  • What is a toxin?
    • When I say toxin I am referring to anything you put into your body that your body cannot use as fuel and therefore must remove through its natural detoxification pathways
  • Do I have to give up food, go hungry, and drink some weird beverage?
    • No. You should never go hungry on this program, your body needs fuel. It’s centered around a whole foods meal plan
  • Do I need access to get to a bathroom quickly/frequently?
    • No. If the recommendations are followed you will not experience any abnormal bathroom experiences

So what is the detox? Well, let’s get real here. There is NO QUICK FIX to a healthy lifestyle. There is no magic drink or pill you can take that cures your body. Your body needs REAL FOOD. The detox is essentially a commitment to take 30-days and cut out all the commonly inflammatory foods and give your body a break. To let it heal itself.

Many people are very successful using all whole foods to maintain a great state of health. In an ideal world, we would all grow our vegetables on our small farms and raise our own meat if we choose to eat it, and follow a perfectly balanced meal plan each day that has the right amount of all the vitamins and minerals. We would eat every color of the rainbow in our veggies and fruits and live off the earth the way nature intended.

But let’s get realistic…when you tell the average American that they cannot eat gluten, caffeine, dairy, alcohol, sugar or soy for 30 days they feel like the rug has just been pulled out from underneath them. They question their ability to stick to the plan and lack the belief they can do it alongside a busy lifestyle. There’s a reason the entire center of the grocery exists. People want something convenient. This is why I love recommending the Arbonne 30 Day’s to Healthy Living. It’s the ABC plan to give someone the step by step directions of a grocery shopping list, meal plan guide and products to help support their body to be successful, but without all the awful ingredients found in most products.

Why purchase products? I find many people trip themselves up here. They become hesitant when I recommend they spend money. Once I show people how to buy these products at a great discount (I help most people buy it at 40% and 50% off), it comes out to less than the cost of eating lunch at Panera Bread every day but you’re getting SO. MUCH. MORE.

With products that deliver key nutrients like protein and fiber, this healthy combination supplies probiotics and enzymes while supporting energy metabolism and elimination.

Here are the products that come with the most popular package:

  • The plan has a protein powder. A delicious, convenient option, these great-tasting ready-to-drink shakes contain 20 grams of plant protein from pea, rice and cranberry. They also deliver vitamins, minerals and flax seed for targeted benefits. I use the shakes as my “fast-food” when I need something healthy and nutritious but have limited time to prepare a meal or am traveling.
  • The fiber powder is essential when detoxing because fiber acts like a sponge for toxins keeps things moving along through your body.
  • The plan includes flavored energy fizz sticks. These have B-vitamins and green tea extract to power you through the day. These are a great alternative to using coffee, soda or energy drinks.
  • The plan also comes with detox tea which supports the liver and kidney’s so the body can detox gently
  • Digestion Plus is a prebiotic, probiotic and digestive enzyme. This is one of my favorite products because of all the health benefits. It helps with digestion, absorption, immune support and elimination.
  • The plan also includes the 7-day cleanse. This is an INCREDIBLE product Arbonne has created. It includes many marine botanicals that help to detoxify the system while supporting the gastrointestinal tract. The Proprietary Superfood Antioxidant Blend featuring carrot juice, elderberry fruit, chokeberry, hibiscus, blackcurrant juice, blueberry juice, pumpkin, cherry fruit, lemon juice, and apple juice powders.
  • The Greens are an optional piece I always recommend because they are adding all those fruits, veggies, antioxidants and phytonutrients that your body as been craving and you haven’t maybe taken the time to eat the amount that your body needs based on your busy schedule.


I am so passionate about sharing this with others because I have seen so many people completely transform their lives by taking control of their health. Imagine how much more you could accomplish in life if you weren’t distracted by discomforts of achey joints, low energy, migraines, colds, digestion issues or other physical ailments. If you could restore your body to its full health, what could you unlock in your life? If you had more energy, which dreams would you start pursuing? Watching people become the greatest version of themselves lights my fire and gets me so excited about sharing this gift.

If you would like more information about getting started on the 30-Days to Healthy Living (or the 10-day “green-tox”), contact me here.

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