Who exactly hires a life coach?

Who exactly hires a life coach?

Most people do not understand what a life coach does.

The majority of people have never worked with one. And if they have, each individual is as diverse an experience as one restaurant is to another.

So for this week’s blog post, I thought it would be fun to highlight some stories of the type of people I have worked with, and the types of problems I have helped them solve, so you can get an idea.

What I do:

I help people release their favorite version of themselves. Oftentimes, there is a gap between the life we are living today and a version of life we are craving to live. I help people fill the gap using a proven system. Meet some of my clients:

Client A: A homeschooling mom who felt regularly stressed and wanted to create better balance in her life.

Client B: A business owner who was burning the candle at both ends. Despite loving her business deeply, something had to change. Her family was getting resentful toward her because it was taking up all of her time.

Client C: After trying dozens of different weight loss plans throughout her lifetime, she wants to find health and love her body using methods she can commit to for the rest of her life. (I’ll give you guys a secret…this has little to do with food and exercise and everything to do with our thoughts.)

Client D: A business owner who wants to thrive more in every area of her life. She wants to expand her net worth to a million dollars while alleviating several stress factors that are inhibiting her ability to create growth.

Client E: A working mom who was miserable. Her marriage, her job and her self-image were all suffering. At the beginning of our relationship she was contemplating if a divorce was the best solution to bringing joy back into her life.

[Side note: I will never advise someone to leave a marriage or stay in a marriage. Not my job. But I will help them find their joy regardless of their partner’s actions and let them discover for themselves what is right for them (obvious exceptions being if I learn of abuse or other circumstances that require a different approach, likely referring them to a different form of support than the work I do).]

Client F: She has a desire to run for political office in ten years, but knows that without some other changes in her life, she will not be ready for such a tremendous investment of time, money and resources. She desires to grow herself, her margin in her life, and hit some key milestones to prepare her for her long term goals.

Client G: As a realtor with two small children, limited childcare assistance, and the main breadwinner for her family, this mom needed some tools to create some peace in her life.

Client H: Single and in her sixties, this business owner is ready to put together a plan for life after the daily grind. With no partner, children or grandchildren, how will she use her precious years to create contribution and have fun?

And this is just a sampling. Do you guys see the variety in each situation? Each life and set of circumstances is so completely different. And yet….did you hear the common thread? They each feel a calling toward creating change in their lives. Positive change. Welcomed change. Freedom to be who deep down they know they really are, but for whatever reason, don’t feel they can truly express right now.

This is the work I do. Every relationship is unique, but the same principles guide the path. I offer a map. You pick the destination and how you want to get there. Then you hop in the car and start driving. I will meet you at the rest areas, gas stations and repair shops along the way.

If you want to hop on a call to do a free strategy session, click here to book a slot. On this call I will walk you through two exercises that will provide you immediate feedback you can use to determine your best next steps. If you decide coaching is the right fit for you, we will easily enroll you and book a second call. If not, consider it my gift to you 🙂

With gratitude,

Sophia Hyde

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