What to do when you have a miss

Beginning April 7, I released a blog once a week for 42 straight weeks. After over a decade of desiring to be a consistent blogger, I proved to myself I could do it. I made a commitment and saw it through.

And then last week I did not.

It was the first time I missed a post in 43 weeks.

Behind the scenes, I was juggling an intense workload and a massive amount of moving parts in my personal life.

When it got to the point I realized I could not carve out time for my writing, I had an opportunity.

Whenever anything happens we are not expecting, we have an opportunity.
I had 100% full control over the story I attached to that circumstance. The story I chose to attach would affect my emotional response. My emotional response would affect my mood, and my ability to perform at a high level in all the other facets of my life.

In the moment where I realized I had too heavy a load to carry and the blog would have to be the dropped ball, I chose grace for myself.

I chose to tell myself the story of “well done on your 42 week streak. Sometimes life happens. You’ll pick up where you left off next week.”

I choose to tell you this story because chances are, you too have broken a commitment you made to yourself. Something you said you would start doing, continue doing, or maybe stop doing. Considering it’s the first week of February, statistically speaking, many of you have probably already fallen from perfection on your new year goals.

I encourage you to love yourself through the journey of imperfection.

My recommendation is to pause when the unexpected occurs, and take control of the stories you attach. You can choose a story that discourages you and causes you to beat yourself up. It will probably take a jab at your self-confidence and your perseverance.

Or, you can choose a story that empowers you. You can remind yourself of your worth and how you will rebound.

Choose wisely.

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