How to Create Hope

Processing the Trump Win

To my fellow Trump haters who are waking up this morning confused, I would like to share with you the hope that is keeping my spirits high regardless who is the POTUS.

-Above all, my joy does not come from circumstance. My joy comes from a higher power beyond myself that is the source of all love, all positive energy and all good things. No one can take that away from me.

-Of all the things on the ballot yesterday, this particular bubble affects our lives the least. It gets the most attention because of the media. It’s the one and only race  they can talk about that applies to all their viewers. However, state and local politics affect our lives in much more substantial ways. Get involved at the local level if you want change. Plus, thank God for balance of powers. He can’t be the dictator he has been in his other roles because our system prevents it.

-Look at the last 100 years of elections. America just keeps flip flopping between parties because many believe the slogans that this ONE person can make things better. Not true. Actually….biggest lie we could possibly EVER be fed. The only ONE person that can have a significant impact on your life is YOU! That’s it. Don’t like something about your life? Fix it. Upset about a particular issue? Take action. Every single issue they debate is actually best reformed through the actions of the American people. We vote more strongly with our attitudes, time, and dollars than our voting booths. If there is something you don’t like about your life or your community then take ownership over it and bring some like-minded friends along to make a difference. That’s always how things improve. We don’t need to make America great again. It already IS! You have all the resources you need at your disposal to start making a difference. You are not a victim of circumstance!!!!!

-Remember to focus on your circle of influence. I have friends texting me and posting on social media about being in states of fear, sobbing, and stressing. This does not serve you or your country. You must evaluate your circle of influence. Here’s an exercise. Draw a large circle to represent all the issues you are worried or concerned about. Next, inside that circle, draw another circle to represent the things you are worried about that you can actually do something about. Now, let the rest go. AH! I know….it feels so hard sometimes, right? But it’s a total waste of your energy to spend any time there. It’s robbing the impact you can make in the smaller circle. Pour all your energy you are using to stress into improving yourself, your family, and your community. We each only have a finite amount of energy within are bodies and minds. We must be wise with how we spend it. Respond by investing in making the things better that you actually can influence.

-Of all the words filling my newsfeed I keep seeing this one over and over again referring to the Trump supporters as racist, homophobic, deplorable, and all sorts of insulting words. I am proud to say I did not vote for him because I never for a second liked the man. However, a lot of people I know and love did. These are people I personally know don’t fit that description. I watched them welcome people into their home of many races, who lived on the “other side” of the tracks but had no place to call home that was safe so they gave them a free room. I’ve seen them surrounded by close friends who are homosexual. I’ve watched them dedicate their lives to the service of their communities. Welcome foster care children into their homes or fight for them in court. If you truly believe that about 50% of the population are idiots, start right there. If you want to end racism…go get to know these folks who are “deplorable.” You’ll likely find yourself super confused like me. There are other issues Trump stood for that mattered to them, or things about Hillary they couldn’t get behind. If you find yourself harshly judging 50% of the country….I recommend starting right there. Find a space to love them, be genuinely curious to understand their perspective. If you keep screaming hatred at them, you will not convince them that your way was the one that was hate free.

-Maybe you are on the other end and you are rejoicing because to you Trump represents making something better. What is that issue you are excited about he says he will fix? What power or influence do you have in that area? If you really do believe that issue needs help, it will not happen by eating chips and ice cream every night in front of the TV waiting to see updates on the nightly news about what he has done about that problem. Redirect your energy to getting involved in the issues that matter most to you. If you really were a Trump fan, then get involved and take action on improving something in America so that all of us who think he is a bully can be proved wrong. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be proved wrong on this one.

We are the ones who possess the power. Decide that YOU are the one person who has the ability to make a difference. Grace and peace be with you friends.

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