Group Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Let owning a business and owning your life be easier.

This brand new group coaching offer is designed to provide support for entrepreneurs who understand the most effect way to grow their business is to grow themselves. It will provide accountability, community, coaching, and support designed to help you take your personal life AND your business to the next level. 


Sophia gets it. She’s been there. She’s been running her own businesses for 17 years. A decade ago she added all the mental load of motherhood to the mix of business ownership.

Without support, owning your own business can be lonely. And frustrating. We talk a lot of the “freedom” of working for yourself because you can “set your own hours” but not enough people talk about how that often translates to way more hours than a 9-5. Even when you aren’t working, your thoughts can often drift to your business.

Between managing your time, your money, and all the tasks that go into a business, it can quickly lead to overwhelm.

But there’s hope. It can be easier.

There are many ways that entrepreneurs get in our own way. This is where coaching support can help.

The overthinking. The procrastination. The challenges of prioritizing what is next. The need for discipline because no boss is going to hold your feet to the fire.

It can all be simplified.

If you want more joy and pleasure in your life, and less overwhelm and stress, this group is for you. 

If you want a community of other driven, supportive entrepreneurs who want to support each other, this group is for you. 


 “I hired Sophia to be my Life Coach; best decision I ever made. As a small business owner, I was focused solely on the growth and prosperity of my business and not myself. 

Working with Sophia helped me to unlock some of my limiting beliefs around myself, my company and my ability to live authentically in this new season.”

-Dr. April Murdaugh, CEO of Woman to Woman Financial/Financial Planner

“I wear many hats: creative director, partner, friend, and son. Add ADHD and alcoholism recovery to that, and it’s a lot.

Sophia helped me realize that it was imperative for me to prioritize structure, fun, rest, and releasing my emotions. It wasn’t sustainable to keep putting everyone else’s needs before mine.”

– Clay Greenhaw, freelance video producer

How does it work?

The group coaching will include a hybrid of group coaching and individualized support

We will spend January customizing unique 2024 strategic plans for each person based on your individual needs and business. 

For Quarter 1 the intention will be around:

  • Creating the right plan for where you are
  • Improving your relationship with time
  • Elevating your relationship with money
  • Prioritizing tasks better. 

Your business will never outgrow your personal development. 

Stop doing it alone.

Receive support. 



What’s expected of you? 

The only thing that will be expected of you is to show up for yourself and your business. The nitty gritty of what that looks like will be different for each person. 

The program includes:

  • weekly coaching calls with the group
  • a community group channel in the Favorite Self App
  • group trainings to learn new concepts and ideas as needed.
  • the ability to message Sophia directly  for individualized coaching and support

Think of all the features like access to Sophia’s kitchen.

You will be able to consume as much or as little as you want, depending how hungry you are for growth. 



External accountability helps you show up better for yourself. 

Cultivate a new relationship with your time. 

Improve your income.

Create more rest and pleasure.

Say yes to yourself today.