Coaching Options

Most people who are looking to create change respond best to some level of accountability. I offer three types of coaching:

  • One-on-One Coaching: You join me (virtually) for one hour a week as we dive into your journey together. I provide materials and insight that can propel you into the peace you crave. Our conversations are tailored to your individual situation. This option is for someone who is committed to creating the life they want as quickly as possible


  • Group Coaching: You join a group of up to 5 people who meet once a week for two hours. I supply materials and guide conversations where you can discuss your unique challenges to obtaining results. This is for people who need an appointment on the calendar and some level of financial investment to help them keep their commitments to themselves.


  • Self Coaching: You join an online community of like-minded individuals. I send out new material via email, and then answer questions and offer tips in the Facebook group. This is for someone who already has the discipline to show up for themselves, but wants a tribe to help inspire them along the way.