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Sophia Hyde is a high energy speaker who has a unique gift of connecting with the audience. She is able to speak to the best inside everyone, and inspire them into action.

Her most popular topics include:

Balanced Success: How to Win in Every Area of Your Life
Ideal for an audience struggling with the work-life balance

Ditch the Guilt
Helping working women ditch the guilt that often plagues them at work and home.


"We have used Sophia for the last four years at our annual event because she delivers results. The audience always reports back to me how strong of a connection they felt to her. Every time Sophia speaks, she pulls at the heart strings." -Angelica Ibarra, Executive Director, local non-profit

"I've heard Sophia several times. Her greatest strength is that the audience knows without a doubt she truly cares about them. Because they can tell she genuinely cares, they listen, learn and grow."- Kayla Drawdy, Title Industry Professional


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