What is balanced success?

There’s a lot of talk about balance, and a lot of talk about success…what does it mean when you put the two together?

Here is a photo of the Wheel of Life I teach in my course and coaching program.

Balanced success is when you are intentionally developing healthy habits in each of the spokes. SPOILER ALERT! It’s extremely rare for them to all be thriving at any one snapshot moment in time.

For example, I have a speaking engagement coming up that will require me to travel away for a few days. My family spoke will likely get out of whack while I prepare for the trip, go on the trip and return from the trip. It’s highly likely that upon my return, the kids will crave extra attention from me, the laundry will be behind and there will be a sink full of dishes.

While I am away I will be giving all of my attention to my career spoke and then when I return, I will likely need to put some other spokes on pause while I catch up on the lack in my family.

This. Is. Life.

If you feel like the only way to keep your wheel moving is to regularly shift your attention between each of these spokes, then congrats. You are officially human. You aren’t doing anything wrong.

The key to the success is to simply add intention behind it all. Are you being proactive or reactive? Have you developed habits that make thriving in each of these areas easier?

If you want to dive deeper into this topic and get some ideas on how to regularly thrive in all of the areas, then join me on one of my upcoming free workshops. Click here to see the four dates for the upcoming workshop “Stop Shoulding on Yourself: How to create the thriving life you desire, not the one others want for you.”

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