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I had a different topic planned for this week, but as often happens, life had a plan of its own. 

On Monday morning I made a spontaneous decision. As I was getting dressed to go workout, I put on my sports bra. When I went to grab a shirt, these thoughts crossed my mind (in about a 5 second period of time): 

“Ugh…every single one of these options stink. I don’t like the feeling of any fabric touching my body when I start to sweat

If only I were a man. They work out all the time without a shirt 

Well, women do too, they wear their sports bras. But I’m not small enough for that. You can’t work out in just a sports bra if you have fat rolls. 


That’s not true 

I COULD work out in just a bra. No one is stopping me. It’s just my insecurity. 

I do not like wearing a shirt. They all stick to me. I want to just wear a bra. 

That’s it. I’m doing it. I’m going to pretend that this is a very normal occurrence and I’m going to walk out of the house in a sports bra and yoga pants. Women do this all the time. This is a normal thing in our society. I CAN do this. I am the only person stopping me from doing this.”

So I did it. 

As I walked my dog around the pond, several strangers passed by. They all behaved very normally, so I behaved normally. 

Each time I crossed someone else, I felt a little more free. I felt a little more bold. 

It turns out that any BODY can go out in a bra and yoga pants. You do not have to be under size 10 to do so (the lie I was believing). 

I posted about this experience on my Instagram and not only did I receive several comments, but my DMs blew up. So many women face insecurities about this as well. 

With the encouragement from a friend, I put out a challenge and I want to share it with you too. 

From now through Sunday night, if you post a photo of you working out in just your sports bra to Instagram (stories or a post) and tag me (@thesophiahyde), then you will be entered into a giveaway for one hour of coaching. 

The real prize though is how you feel about yourself when you do it. 

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