Announcing “Me Time.”

Community matters.

I’ve seen the positive impact it can make, and that’s why I am launching one for some of my readers.

Being part of a community provides a sense of connection, belonging, and inclusion. Some people find their communities with co-workers, sports groups, organizations, hobbies, or many other outlets.

In my conversations with my clients and readers, I have found a void that is not being met for many women, and I want to help.

Tonight I am announcing the launch of “Me Time—Working Moms who crave more balance and peace.” It will be a free Facebook group for women who are trying to balance a career and motherhood.  

I have heard over and over again how women who are simultaneously trying to balance the demands of motherhood, while also trying to build and grow a career, feel like they have lost themselves as a priority in their own lives.

I want to acknowledge that I know motherhood is hard. Career or no career, you battle exhaustion and overwhelm. What I have heard from women is that there are many online forums, blogs, IG accounts, etc for stay at home moms, but not enough for the specific challenges of a working mom.

Along those same lines, I know that not all my readers are moms. There are men. There are women who don’t have children and others who won’t resonate with this group. That’s a-okay. This particular group is not everyone’s cup of tea.

This group may be for you, or it may be for someone you know. Please send this link to someone who may benefit from the community we are creating.

If you resonate with ANY of these struggles, please join us:

Regularly feeling exhausted

Guilt of all the things you “should” be doing

Trying to balance “all the things”

Feeling overwhelmed

Living for everyone but yourself

Lack of time

If you wish to create any of this, please join us:

Living guilt-free

Feeling confident in the decisions you’re making

Mastering time-management

Living with intention and purpose

Having a support system

What to expect:

No cost- It’s free.


Community of people in similar season of life

Tips specific to working moms


No expectations from you-participate as little or as much as you want

If you are a working mom, I hope you choose to join us. If you’re not, please pass this along to someone who could benefit from this community.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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