The Day I’ve Been Waiting For…

Guys…you don’t even understand. This announcement has been years in the making. I’m talking YEARS!!!!!! I’ll tell you where this is all going and you can decide if you want to hear the dirty details of the “messy middle” it took to get to today.

The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is that I have OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED my 12 week course! The cart is open for enrollment and it will close at 10pm on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25. Keep reading below to hear the story of how I birthed this over the last decade of my life. If you want to jump to the details about the course, all of those are on my site at:

Answers to all the questions you have about the course

Does anyone else here have a side hobby of listening to entrepreneur success stories? Is that just me? Whether it’s by book or podcast, I cannot get enough of hearing the stories of others’ journeys from absolutely nothing to major impact.

I think the reason I love hearing them is that I am always encouraged by the messy middle. I’ve noticed a repeat pattern and it usually goes something like this:

Idea is birthed with passion and excitement.

Passionate entrepreneur eagerly begins their path and hits a road block.

Road block leads to a dead end.

So they pivot,

which leads to a mistake.

Then, they find just enough hope to keep them going.

They suddenly take three steps backward.

The lessons learned lead to major breakthroughs back to back to back. WOOT!

They feel some whiplash.

They recover stronger than before and end up accomplishing a different goal than they originally started with but are totally loving.


When I heard this pattern repeat over and over again in story after story, I strangely felt encouraged that I was hitting roadblocks, having to pivot, taking steps backward and barely clinging to my ray of hope.

My story begins in 2011 when I discovered that my purpose in life was to help others grow. (Side note: Comment below if you think I should teach a mini-course on the exercise I used to discover that). I knew I had to find a way to create a business in the personal development space. I could see myself blogging, speaking and coaching. But I wasn’t sure what about. Or to who. Or why I was qualified to teach it.

So I started dabbling. I bought my website domain and WordPress template in 2012. I have built and rebuilt this site so many times as I tried to figure out what the brand would be. What kind of coach? What niche audience? Who even cares about what I have to say? Why am I qualified to guide others?

It felt like I was growing a baby in my womb, but my mama instincts knew it wasn’t time to go into labor. So I just focused on the nursery and buying items that I may never need, taking care of myself, and devouring books, blogs and podcasts from parents, knowing one day I would be one.

Between 2011-2017 I made so many mistakes. We started and shut down two different businesses. We experienced financial success and financial devastation. I experienced poor health (fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, etc) to health highs (energy, clarity, finally hitting a healthy BMI). We had our first child and morphed into brand new people. The roller coaster finally started to settle in 2017, and I announced my brand launch of, only to find out I was pregnant days later and had to put it all on the back-burner again.

Through those rough several years I not only experienced obstacles, but also figured out how to overcome them. I not only experienced failure, but how to rise from it like the Phoenix. Those years I spent feeling shame…healing from it spurred me into extreme self confidence. That messy middle prepared me for today. Those struggles are why I feel perfectly qualified to guide others from where they are now to where they want to be. Ironically…I’m most grateful for the hardest days.

And then a contraction. Everything was different this time. Time to get ready. That’s how this past fall felt to me.

I said to my husband in August 2019, it’s time for me to sign up for coach training. With his support I started researching schools. I created a detailed Excel spreadsheet cross-comparing every detail I was looking for in a school and not one checked all the boxes. I knew it was time to commit, I just had no clarity on where.

Then one day I was listening to the Ziglar podcast and heard they launched a new coaching program that sounded exactly like the material I wanted to teach. I filled out a contact form to learn more and scheduled a call. They were interviewing for the first 20 coaches qualified to teach the program. I had nothing to lose so met with them.

It was divine intervention. We could both feel the electricity of how perfectly in alignment I was with the course. It was a moment I will never forget. Back to the birthing analogy, the contractions were so intense I knew it was time to go to the hospital (or in my case, call the midwife, you can read my actual home birth story here). I took the leap of faith.

My plan had been to start a program in January but this started mid-October and ran through December. My peak busy season, personally and professionally. For those of you who are spiritual, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say God made it glaringly obvious I had to trust. That pounding heart feeling. The pit in the stomach. The sweaty palms. The moment where your mind says no but your heart says “you don’t have a choice, go!”

So I said yes. When you’re determined to make something work, you just do it. No matter how many obstacles get in your way.

In January I enrolled my first five clients. I am forever grateful they trusted me, fully knowing they would be the guinea pigs because it was my first time teaching and coaching. But they said yes to themselves and the program and we all learned so much.

Fast forward several months and it’s time. I have taken all the lessons I learned from guiding five different people on this path. I have listened to the feedback. I have tweaked and worked the material to best match my personality and my audience’s needs.

And the time has come. I am officially executing a vision I first imagined NINE YEARS AGO! Today I am launching my community for growth. A membership group for people who want to grow together.

The cart is officially open for CREATE PEACE! A 12 week course to bring more peace into your life. All the details are over here. I know that the next twelve weeks are going to bring transformation, growth, peace, reduced stress and more confidence for a lot of people and I CANNOT WAIT.

Today, announcing to everyone that you can click here feels like I am birthing a child, and trust me, I know. I’ve pushed out two almost 10-pounders.

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